Unusual Weather in US Kills Seven People

weatherUnusual weather in the US has killed at least seven people. A mixture of ice storms, record warmth, and tornadoes has hit various parts of the country over the weekend.

The seven deaths involve two accidents in Kentucky, killing four; a number of homes in Mississippi being damaged due to storms, and a Kansas City traffic accident.

In Kentucky, three people died by drowning after their car drove into the Rolling Fork River in New Hope. Two others have been taken to hospital for treatment after getting hypothermia. The fourth was a rider trapped when an ATV overturned near Carrollton.

In Mississippi, the deaths occurred in Jasper and Coahoma;  homes were also damaged due to storms.

Many states have received snow and ice fall. Most have seen between eight and 10 inches, but Cloudcroft, New Mexico has received the worst so far of 12.5 inches yesterday evening.

The bad weather also caused a number of roads to be closed around the country, including in Kansas City.

Southwest Airlines passengers have been offered the chance to rebook trips without penalty on Sunday, due to the unsafe road conditions making it difficult to travel to airports. The flights are still available at the moment for those who do want to fly in the unsafe weather.

The US is not the only country hit with unusual weather, which has killed seven people. Canada is experiencing low temperatures, and people have been left without any power.

By Alexandria Ingham


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