US Troops Hurt After Evacuation Aircraft Shot in South Sudan

US troopsFour US troops have been hurt after their evacuation aircraft getting US citizens out of South Sudan was shot at, according to the military. The aircraft’s mission has since been aborted.

The aircraft was approaching Bor, an area occupied by the former Vice-President Riek Machar’s loyal forces.

Problems in South Sudan arose when President Salva Kiir accused Machar of attempting a coup. Machar has a number of rebels under his control in large areas in the country. One of those areas is Unity, a state that produces most of the oil on the Sudan border.

The fighting started just a week ago and 500 people have so far been killed. The US troops were sent to get to US citizens caught in the warfare. The aircraft has not yet been identified, nor have the soldiers been named.

In a military statement, the story was told how the aircraft sustained fire from the ground and was forced to divert its landing to the country side. The troops had no choice but to abort the mission. Two other aircrafts belonging to the Ugandans were also involved, according to the country’s media, which is also trying to evacuate civilians.

The four US troops hurt after their evacuation aircraft was shot at in South Sudan have been taken to Nairobi for treatment.

By Alexandria Ingham


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