Virgin Births Affect 1 in 200 Women Say Pregnant ‘Virgins’ in Study

Virgin birthsEveryone knows that scientific studies are carried out each day on some of the strangest things imaginable, but could any layperson have guessed that scientists have been busy studying alleged virgin births? That’s right. Scientists have recently discovered that half a percent of births in the United States, or a whopping one in 200 births, take place among self-described virgins.

The reason for, and significance of, the study was unclear, but the data showed that about half of one percent of all pregnant women say that they became pregnant without losing their virginity-a claim that is not possible from a scientific (or for that matter, any other) standpoint. The study was large, focusing on over 7,000 young ladies and tracking them over 14 years.

The study participants who claimed they were pregnant virgins were more likely than not to have taken a chastity pledge, and, perhaps unsurprisingly, the incidence of virgin births increased during the week just before Christmas. The same participants were more likely to have had an upbringing where sex was not discussed in the household.

The women in the study did not participate in any type of procedure that would allow them to become pregnant without engaging in sexual intercourse, such as in vitro fertilization. The National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health was the larger body of data from which this study sprang, and it has been published by the British Medical Journal.

The pregnant “virgins” were not only more likely to be more religious and have taken a chastity pledge, but they were also more likely to be younger than other pregnant women. Study researchers clarified that the study did not come right out and ask any of the women “have you had a virgin birth?” but rather, the information and data was collected by asking a wide series of questions covering such issues as sexual activity, birth control used, and whether or not the women had been pregnant and given birth. When the evidence in the study was analyzed, it was found that about one in 200 women were affected by “virgin” births and that they remained steadfast that they were virgins and had not engaged in sexual intercourse.

Almost a third of the “pregnant virgins’” parents claimed that they didn’t have proper knowledge of birth control, pregnancy or sexual activity and that’s why they had not alerted their daughters to the information. Indeed, the girls who claimed to be pregnant virgins were more likely to not know how to use birth control. Study authors concluded:

Reporting dates of pregnancy and sexual initiation consistent with virgin pregnancy was associated with cultural mores highly valuing virginity, specifically signing chastity pledges, and with parental endorsement of items indicative of lower levels of communication about sex and birth control.

Virgin births affect one in 200 women, say pregnant “virgins” in a new study just released. The impact on society or what contribution this information could lend to our culture has yet to be stated by the study’s researchers.

By: Rebecca Savastio

News Daily

Medical XPress


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