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An announcement forcing “black people” to leave Walmart, people fighting in the aisles, protesters fighting outside, Duck Dynasty protests in stores, Beyonce buying $37,500 in gifts, and Santa being arrested can capture a ton of attention. Many people would say you could only catch all of this holiday excitement for sure while watching the news but in fact shoppers can see holiday excitement at their regular shopping place, the local Walmart.

News readers will always remember some of the top stories about Walmart stores across the nation, including the time a women tried to sell her baby in a Walmart parking lot and the glitch in EBT where shoppers could buy unlimited food on food stamps for a day. While Walmart is always the place to catch unusual behavior all year round, and some of 2013’s moments are amazing, the happenings seem to get a little crazier with the holiday spirit. It is true that over the last few weeks leading up to Christmas Walmart has seen a great deal of publicity in the news over protests on a variety of issues and some surprising holiday shoppers.

One of the biggest tweeted about issues was when two women caused a riot in the towel aisle. On Black Friday many went to shop for low deals, and as everyone knows Black Friday gets crazy, many could not believe their eyes as two women began fighting over bathroom towels. That day a woman posted on Twitter, “This trashy girl tried to fight me in Walmart over a towel. Who does that?” Many who commented posted messages like, “There was a fight at the West Memphis Walmart on the towel aisle,” and “Ppl at Walmart right now risking their lives for a towel set they wanted for their bathroom.”

Another issue that has drawn big attention on Walmart have been protests galore, the biggest one being a protest by workers over wages. In many places Walmart has been under protest by workers who believe that they are unfairly treated as employees of Walmart, causing sure holiday excitement for many. But one of the most interesting of these protests was in Ontario, California where Santa was arrested! Amongst the protesters was a man by the name of Karl Hilgert, who attended the protest event dressed as none other than Santa Clause. Along with Mr. Hilgert nine other people were arrested at the protest, which was held at Walmart stores nationwide on Nov. 29 of this year. Readers who commented on the situation joked about ten people being arrested at the location saying that Santa Clause has nine reindeer and Santa and nine others were taken in, coincidence or not?

This next event drew court attention as one man fought Walmart for $1 million after being told to leave the store by a mystery announcer on the intercom in New Jersey. In December an anonymous person took control of the intercom and announced that all “black people” must leave the store immediately. Donnell Battie was one of the customers forced to leave and he then opened a lawsuit against the store. On December 18 a judge ruled in favor of Walmart saying they had done nothing wrong.

If fights and protests and court dates do not provide enough holiday excitement for Walmart shoppers this next place sure will. Duck Dynasty fans everywhere are stirring over the recent drop of the show on A&E following Phil Robertson’s comments on gays. Walmart being one of the shows top merchandise retailers would, of course, see some action over the dispute. According to Fox 411 Willie Robertson, son of Phil was seen protesting at the Associate’s meeting at a Walmart store in Fayettville, Arks. While it is not mentioned what was said who how the meeting turned out fans everywhere are hoping that Duck Dynasty merchandise will continue to be sold for retail at Walmart stores everywhere.

The most recent event in the Walmart holiday excitement was when star Beyonce showed up at a Walmart store in Tewksbury, Mass. Beyonce showed up to purchase her latest album, Beyonce, and to shop for her 23-month-old girl. She then took over the intercom at check out and announced to all of the holiday shoppers that their first $50 in purchases was on her. She spent a total of $37,500 by the end of the spree. This move was very surprising to all customers and has now seemed to top the media over Walmart.

As Walmart holiday shopping comes to an end it is clear that it has been a crazy year for shoppers at many locations. While crazy events have happened at many locations this holiday, including the Target incident where credit card information was hacked, Walmart just seems to get the most holiday excitement making it a sure place to go for holiday shopping.

By Crystal Boulware


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