Wii U Proving to be a Flop?

Wii uOnce Nintendo decided to discontinue the Wii console, it was clear that hopes were on the Wii U and DS consoles. However, it seems that the Wii U is proving to be a flop, after the newer Microsoft and Sony consoles have already beaten it in sales, despite a nine month head-start. It could be possible that the commercials are just failing to capture the best features of the newest Nintendo home games console.

The Nintendo Wii U has had almost a year’s head-start on the likes of Microsoft and Sony, but is doing considerably worse. It was not expected, considering how popular the Nintendo Wii was, up until its discontinuation. While the Playstation 4 release went without too many major hitches, the Xbox One has been fuelled with problems, yet more people still want it over Nintendo’s.

As a way to counteract the issue, the Japanese video game company has released some fresh ads. In true Nintendo fashion, they show families and friends playing on the console together. The commercials are corny, but Nintendo hopes that they will do the trick and get more people interested in upgrading their old console.

The issue is that these new ads do not quite focus on the great features. One of the big reasons why the Wii U should not be proving to be a flop is the off-screen game-play. There is no need to sit in the living room together, or to wait for one person to finish watching TV so another can play on the console. The controllers double-up as screens, allowing people to play while in another room, or while on the go.

The commercials also fail to show that a game can be picked up from exactly where it was stopped. There is no need to wait for the system to reboot and find a hopefully saved game. The controller has the up to date game immediately, and a user is able to switch from one to the other.

The downside for Nintendo is that it is not keeping up with the consoles that people want. It is not just Microsoft and Sony beating the company. The Japanese gaming giant is falling behind smartphones and tablets. More people want the tablet devices to do more than just play a game now and then. The tablets allow people to play on the go just like the Wii U controllers, but they can also check their emails, check social media accounts and do work from the devices.

The Xbox One and Playstation 4 are closing in on that market. Users of the Xbox One, for example, are able to watch TV and Blu-Ray DVDs, Skype, and play video games with the same device. At the same time both the new Xbox and Playstation are faster than the Wii U.

Is the Wii U proving to be a flop? Considering more Xbox One consoles were sold within 24 hours compared to Nintendo’s nine month head-start, the figures say yes. The reason is unknown, but it could have something to do with the company failing to advertise the best Wii U features.

By Alexandria Ingham




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