Xbox One Photo Won by Teenager

Xbox One, technology, teenager When Microsoft launched the Xbox One last month, nearly everyone wanted their hands on the device. While some opted to buy through the more trustworthy channels, some shoppers have taken to the auction site eBay. The problem with eBay is that there are all types of scams to look out for. One teenager fell for one of those “scams” when he won a photo of the Xbox One console.

Peter Clatworthy, from Nottingham, UK, decided to try and get his hands on one of the limited edition Xbox One Day One consoles. He found a listing that said “photo” within the title, but after reading the description believed that it was the real thing. In the end he spent £450 for the new Microsoft console. It was only when the package was delivered on Monday that he realized he had made a mistake.

Clatworthy was not looking for the console for himself. He decided that it would make a good Christmas present for his son, who is four years old. Like most of his shopping, he decided that eBay was the best option. He has told the media that he regularly shops on eBay and this has not happened to him before.

He did have doubts over the listing, at first, which begs the question why he opted to risk his money without contacting the seller. According to Clatworthy, the title did say “photo” but the description made him believe that it was the real console. It was only after the teenager won the bidding and received his winnings that he realized it was just the Xbox One photo. The photo is not even that clear.

There were other factors that he considered before bidding. The listing was in the “right category” for the console, making Clatworthy believe that the word photo was a mistake. Like most buyers, he even checked the feedback for the seller, which was perfect, so it seemed like a great deal for him.

After initially being furious about the scam, Clatworthy is now joking about it. It is really the only thing he can do. He says that it will be something for him and his family to look back on in the future. He did complain to eBay though, who investigated the listing and the claims.

The listing is against the terms of service of eBay, since it is misleading. Due to that, Clatworthy will get his money back. Luckily, he paid through PayPal, which offers extra protection for buyers and sellers. The seller of the Xbox One photo has until Monday to pay the money back. eBay has also banned the seller from the website, so the seller will not do this again.

There have been mixed reactions to the story of the 19-year-old. Some people blame the seller and say how horrible the events have been. However, others have ridiculed Clatworthy for the mistake. All the Nottingham teenager can do is laugh along with them. The only reason he has shared his story is to make sure people are aware of the possibilities on eBay. It is important for everyone to read the listings or they could end up being the teenager who wins an Xbox One photo instead of the real thing.

By Alexandria Ingham


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  1. Josephine Sheard   December 7, 2013 at 12:03 pm

    This happens quite a lot on eBay, especially with objects of desire.


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