Yahoo Mail Issues Brings Embarrassment

technology, yahoo, mail, issues

technology, yahoo, mail, issues

Yahoo Mail did not end last week on a positive note. The latest issue stemmed when the free mail service suffered an outage for many users, that continued for several days. Yahoo remained silent on the issue, even after complaints from users went viral. The issue and lack of consideration brings embarrassment to a company that is failing to appease their email users.

In the recent Yahoo Mail update, the interface resembled the Gmail interface and this elicited mixed reactions from users. People across the globe missed the traditional Yahoo Mail set-up which was simplistic and less, well, glitchy. Yahoo’s issues are not something new and continue to cast a shadow over its use versus powerhouse competitor, Google’s Gmail.

It wasn’t until Friday when Yahoo finally addressed the issues, spotlighting a mar of embarrassment on the company’s questionable reputation. Marissa Mayer, Yahoo’s chief executive blamed the issues on a hardware outage that pushed Yahoo Mail offline, creating a plethora of additional issues to follow. Mayer stated the problem “was a particularly rare one” and she promised Yahoo would “do better in the future.” But, has outages really been that “rare?” Not to many users.

Outages since the revamping of the interface in October has been occurring regularly. What further pronounces Yahoo’s embarrassing issues is their inability to communicate with the public, or the press. Many members of the press have reached out to Yahoo with no response. It wasn’t until Friday when the company finally decided to relay information to frustrated users of Yahoo. The company has advised the P.O.P Mail services are fully restored, but the I.M.A.P. mail services continue to suffer some outages.

Mayer has clean-up work to do to win back angered Yahoo mail users
Mayer has clean-up work to do to win back angered Yahoo mail users

Ever since the introduction of Gmail and its crazy fast, growing database of users – Yahoo Mail has suffered severe identity issues. The newest update literally feels like a shameful copy of Gmail’s robust interface. The only saving grace Yahoo Mail can share, is its expansive 1TB of email storage, which trounces over Gmail’s 15GB. Overall, Yahoo Mail has to get the services to work for people to enjoy it fully.

Sadly, the issues continue and more users are looking to other free email choices. Gmail is no stranger to outages, but therein lies the biggest difference; Gmail provides updates. Within the same day of outages, Gmail reports it to their blog to share with their millions of users. Recent numbers show over 450 million people use and exchange emails on Gmail, making it the largest, free email, service. Yahoo receives just about half of that amount in user interest. With continued issues, more people may opt to turn to Gmail.

Many were hopeful the Marissa Mayer-led updated interface would draw users in droves. Instead it only drove up user complaints. The complaints varied from functions that did not work properly, like autosave – in addition many complained of disappearing emails overnight. What started as a great idea has changed into an angst for many users. One user decided to take matters in her own hands.

In late October, Jan Hyatt of Maryland began a petition on the Change site to demand Yahoo revert to an original interface. She openly wrote a letter to Mayer and wanted users to reference it when signing the petition. The letter has reached an impressive number of individuals who agree with Hyatt; over 41,000 signatures have been collected. Previously, Moshe Ziv Klempner started the Facebook group, Yahoo’s New Mail Fail – Open letter to Marissa Mayer, later tapping Hyatt as co-administrator of the group. This promoted a movement of users who agreed with both Klempner and Hyatt.

The latest moves expected to bolster the appeal of Yahoo has seemed to backfire, terribly. Thousands of users are not happy and are taking to public forums to release their frustration. Yahoo Mail brings embarrassment to the once exciting arrival of Mayer. Lagged times of relaying information to the public only shows a further disconnect between company and users. Use Yahoo Mail? What are your thoughts on this subject?


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23 thoughts on “Yahoo Mail Issues Brings Embarrassment

  1. Marissa Mayer may be making money for Yahoo, but what about customers? She says that feedback is important, but I think not – this is just rubbishy rhetoric – the customers are not important at all, otherwise something would have been done about the new site. It’s a nightmare to forward anything, and you never know if just the email you want to be forwarded is sent, or the WHOLE conversation – not at all good! The Attachment symbol disappears when you press Forward – so is it or isn’t it? Better save a copy and check what’s going on… Then the whole conversation that starts at the top – very handy when you want to reply and the function is at the bottom. So let’s go backwards and forwards, up and down the conversation, to be be able to respond to all the points. Sorry Yahoo – you don’t care, so please don’t pretend!

  2. Since Marissa Mayer has shown to be as incompetent a CEO as Steve Ballmer, she and top Yahoo management need to be tarred and feathered and put on a rail out of town.

    So,what can we users (on a good day, that is…) do to throw these incompetent idiots out?

    Leaving in droves is just a small part, there has to be a better proactive method to fire the lot.

  3. I was a paying customer as well, and left Yahoo last fall after 13 years. The new mail is unusable. It is completely dysfunctional. I have a new account at GMX that works very well.

  4. I PAY for my Yahoo account, it is not free. I have had it for over 12 years.
    The latest changes are horrid. Eternal scrolling instead of paging is horrid.
    The inability to put all of my email in alpha order makes searching more difficult.
    I do like the ability to bring up all email by a particular sender, but still need the ability to
    search alphabetically when needed. I’d like to have both.

    I miss tabs. Nesting doesn’t do it for me and I don’t want it. Currently, I have disabled javascript in IE so I can get a version of the old Yahoo while I search for a new email provider.

  5. Yahoo, Oh Yahoo. You are making this Christmas blue,
    Your internet service with Verizon has lately been poo-poo.
    You changed your servers this past week at an inopportune time,
    Now Internet Christmas Shoppers won’t be able to spend a dime.
    Your service has been up and down for the past 4 days,
    And every Verizon customer has been left in a foggy haze.
    We’ve tweaked Ports and SSL’s till we’re blue in the face.
    And still were in last place in the internet race.
    You better get it corrected before Santa comes to town
    Or a lump of coal will be all that he plunks down.

  6. I have absolutley hated the the Yahoo Mail from it’s introduction in October. The bugs, loss of functionality and lack of reliability have made checking my email an exercise in frustration. I have stuck with it because I have had my account for over 10 years, but I have been looking for alternatives.
    All I can say is thank goodness I used Thunderbird to make a mirror account at with copies of my 10+ years worth of folders & emails.
    My restored Yahoo account is a mess. Thank you Yahoo for giving me that “hard kick” to motivate me to close my Yahoo Mail account and permanently move on.

  7. Yes, Like Laura all my emails are also missing except those from 12/12/13 on. Some of them quite important – unbelievable. I will be switching. No explanations or communications through all this from Yahoo is totally unacceptable.

  8. Yahoo has lost all my emails received and sent from 2008-present. The only e-mails I have are the new ones from 12/12 on but all before that date has been lost.

  9. Lots of users are confused about the required mail server settings changes:

    Yahoo POP3 settings –

    Yahoo IMAP settings –

    Mail programs such as Microsoft Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird need the correct settings for users to get their Yahoo Mail when they prefer to use their own mail program instead of the Yahoo Mail web site.

  10. Free E-Mail and there are complaints about the service…in the e-World forever changing Internet & Web, maybe Yahoo has problems as does …I must have been fortunate to miss any disruption of my Yahoo acct. since 1997, with no lack of Spam. Things happen, not like Yahoo Intentionally wanted this to happen…I guess the cliche of “You get what you Pay for” applies. Switch to GMail, or HotMail or another Freebie and see if you have a better deal without errors or problems

    1. p.s. I just realized I never Switched to the Newest Yahoo! Mail and still have e-mails dating back to 30 Mar 2006

  11. That was a stupid Idea behalf of Yahoo to completely overhauled design to Mail to make it more responsive !! I have many Clients and specially senior citizen that became off guard by the change and confuse how to use it specially when it came to print their e-mail messages. Marissa Mayer , next time keep your stupid Idea to yourself and leave the yahoo e-mail format alone.You have lots of unhappy Yahoo user !!

  12. I’m feeling a little sorry for her(marissa mayer), but she’s still got a lot of humble pie to consume? Not sure if I’ve got that right, but she surely knows it’s going to need a lot of effort to get the majority of yahoo users back on board, love to know some figures of how many have left yahoo because of the non-improvements inflicted on us this year, and that includes the rubbish android update too, I’m using 1.4.0, not the latest which is…rubbish. Can we please have the previous version back? Tabs please. No nested emails thank you. I can install windows 98se on any computer, surely you clever folk at yahoo can do what we all want, the version you replaced was fine!!!

  13. my yahoo email made everything “new” again – i woke up to over 8000 “new” emails in my inbox going way back to 2010 – this is inane – i hate yahoo –

  14. Marissa Meyer is a good example of an individual who got promoted well above the skill and level of expertise. For the entire length of October we had a daily display of ever new proposals for a new Yahoo logo, plus painting the UI pink, while the basic functions were in shatters.
    I think the only way out for Yahoo from this conundrum would be to degrade Meyer to an appropriate corporate level (dealing with colours, logos and such stuff) and getting on board someone to deal efficiently with the matters at hand. Reverting to the old, efficient and very much liked UI would be A GOOD START.

  15. This is crazy, what the hell are you messing about with. It was great before why when things are good do you people have to mess with it. I am trying to resist going else where come on if you can’t get it right go back to the way it was. SOON

  16. I am still not able to access my e-mail account. Last e-mail visible is 23/11/13. Can anyone help ?

    1. Anne, I too am having issues. Right now it seems you can report the issue with Yahoo and wait. The frustration builds!

  17. I’m pleased I stopped using Yahoo mail when I did. To me it just seems to have gotten worse over the last few weeks. The “Neo” interface was a real turn off, but when Yahoo shut down the search/launch work around which was giving me access to the old Yahoo mail, that convinced me they didn’t want me to use their system anymore. Gmail and don’t have tabs for easy multitasking, so I found a smaller online email company which does.

  18. Yahoo! you don’t know how many loss you have made people suffer because of this.. for months I have thought to change to Gmail..


  20. Spot on…the new Yahoo interface is a bane more than anything else. Like many others I am considering ditching it for gmail.

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