YouTube – What Does the Fox Say? Leads Top Videos of 2013

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YouTube took users on a video rewind for the top 10 videos of 2013. Leading the pack with over 278 million views was the “omg get outta my head” tune, What Does the Fox Say? by Ylvis. In addition, to this enchanting beat – nine additional videos have earned nods from users across the globe. The list delved beyond views, it encompassed shares, searches for the videos and even responses. This collaboration of methods released a top videos list worth, well, sharing.

Number 1 – What Does the Fox Say

Well after listening to the addictive beat, no one still knows exactly what the fox actually says, but one thing is clear – Ylvis keeps users coming back. The Norwegian duo is actually comprised of brothers, Bard and Vegard Ylvisaker. The top trending video was never intended as nothing more but a spoof, but it grabbed hold with its vicious riddled bite. If a viewer has not had the chance to view the video, now is the time to check out the eclectic video.

Number 2 – Harlem Shake

With over 95 million views the Harlem Shake enters at an impressive number two. The original army edition shows how quickly order leads to chaos with the Harlem Shake. The uncoordinated visual of flailing arms and writhing torsos can leave many brows raised, or questions asked to what exactly are they doing, but it seems people are doing it right. While this video renewed the seemingly unbalanced moves,the true credit goes to its creator. The dance was created by Albert Leopold Boyce (Al B) from New York. Fans familiar with Al B spoke of his dances during local basketball tournaments around Rucker Park. His grandmother even commented she told him “to put a patent on it.” Al B sadly passed away in 2006 from heart failure. He would be proud to see the amount of eager dancers looking to symbolize his creation.

Number 3 – How Animals Eat Their Food

In a video sure to break any “no laughing” contests, How Animals Eat Their Food has crawled its way to number 3. The YouTube popular video of 2013 displays a ridiculous crafting of showing how various animals eat their food. This writer’s favorite was the T-Rex, but there are animals available for greater selection, like the whale. It leaves many to wonder beyond What the Fox Says? but what does the T-Rex say? If anything at least immerse in the first 15 seconds to watch a grown man drink from a sippy cup.

Number 4 – Miley Cyrus-Wrecking Ball (Chatroulette Version)

As a die-hard YouTube fan, it’s personal confession time! Steve Kardynal holds a special place not only in this writer’s hearts, but other journalists with Guardian Express. Occasionally, an e-mail will be created with a hysterical video and more than once Steve’s Chatroulette videos are included. Epic, poignant and on-point, Kardynal envelopes viewers, just about 80 million of them to his version of Wrecking Ball.  Further interesting are the characters Kardynal comes across as the channels flicker revealing varying characters throughout his video series. The fan participation is pretty awesome, too.

Number 5 –  Evian Babies Presents Baby&Me

It is pretty amazing a water company has hired, possibly, one of the coolest groups ever for their marketing team. Emblazoned with freaky, kiddy fun, the video has gained over 67 million views and likes that continue to grow in the six digits. Additional favorites are the Babies Break Dance, Roller Babies Interview and Baby Inside. The global brand director for the liquid, cool company, Laurent Houel told Daily Mail that babies are honestly “true to our story and heritage.” Whatever formula you have found, Evian, stick with it!

YouTube Top Videos Wrap-up

While the first five was listed here, the remainder of the top 10 videos included: Volvo Trucks- The Epic featuring Van Damme, YOLO which features Adam Levine and Kendrick Lamar, the creepy Telekinetic Coffee Shop Surprise, A Bad Lip Reading – The NFL and finally the colorful rap genius of Mozart vs. Skrillex – Epic Rap Battles.  The big winner of 2013 was What Does the Fox Say? Did this video deserve top billing, or what video was your favorite? This article concludes with a the A Bad Lip Reading-NFL, because honestly? It’s hysterical.

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