Adobe Photoshop Joins the World of 3D Printing [Video]

Adobe PhotoshopThose interested in creating 3D printed models will be pleased to hear that the latest Adobe Photoshop update, Photoshop Creative Cloud (CC), now supports the wonderful world of 3D printing.

The new software makes it easy to take an existing model, edit and finish it off and then get it printed using the 3D printing tool. While Adobe, at present, doesn’t have the tools for building objects from scratch, the modeling features are ideal for polishing up the final work and making it easy to send to the printer.

The printing side of things has been made easy by Adobe Photoshop CC, as the software automatically generates temporary supports around and below the model, to prevent collapse during the printing process. Not only this, but the software also partners with MakerBot and also Shapeways, to automatically generate previews of the final product on the various printers available. As new models are added, these will be updated in the software as an ongoing process.

For those who don’t personally own a 3D printer, there’s no problem, as Photoshop CC gives the perfect integration to output to the made-to-order 3D printing service, Shapeways.

Adobe Photoshop
Sending a print job to the Shapeways 3D printing service.

From within the software, users will have the ability to preview a printed model as it would appear in any one of Shapeway’s available materials.  These include anything from glossy ceramics to solid bronze to full color sandstone. Along the way, the software will even work out how much it’s going to cost for the final item!

This is not the only new feature in the latest update, which will include, for example, a new tool called “Perspective Warp” to automatically correct perspective distortion which can happen during the manipulation of objects within an image. This feature will also allow you to alter the angle from which an image was originally taken.

According to Winston Hendrickson, VP at Adobe’s Creative Media Solutions, the new 3D capability will “take the guesswork out of printing 3D models for everyone.”  Hendrickson explained that prior to the latest software release, there has been a gap between content production using 3D modeling tools, and the final result from a 3D printer.  Now, he says, by simply clicking on print within the Photoshop CC software, the 3D designs are easily created in the physical world.

Stephen Nielson, Adobe Photoshop Product Manager, explains about the process in the video below.  He says that once in Photoshop, “designers can use familiar Photoshop tools to create, color and texture their 3D models.”

Speaking of the 3D printing process, he says that often models can have errors which cause problems in printing and often end in a “pile of spaghetti,” but using the new tools in Photoshop CC, it is possible to not only tweak your existing model, but you can print it with amazing results.

Nielsen says they have removed all the normal complexities in 3D printing – all someone needs to do in the new software is to select the desired printer and material, and then click print. The software reportedly corrects any water-tightness issues and “builds a scaffolding to protect the model while printing, so that you get a successful print every time.”

Best of all, if you already subscribe to Adobe’s update service, this update will come at no additional cost and is available right now for download. This is exciting news indeed for anyone in the 3D printing world, as Adobe Photoshop joins the latest technology wave.

By Anne Sewell



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