Indiana Grocery Store Shooting Leaves 3 Dead

Indiana grocery store shooting

An Indiana grocery store shooting has left three dead, including the gunman.  The shooting happened at around 10 p.m. Wednesday night in Elkhart, roughly three hours north of Indianapolis.

Indiana State Police said Elkhart Police received reports of an active shooter at Martin’s Super Market in Elkhart late Wednesday night.  When they arrived shortly after, the gunman was pointing at a third person, believed to be an employee, but police opened fire on the gunman.

There was an exchange of gunfire between the police and the gunman, and a shot from the police left the gunman dead and locals wondering why this happened.  The gunman entered the store armed with a semi-automatic handgun and a large knife and has been pegged as being in his late teens or early twenties.

The victims of the Indiana grocery store shooting are two women, found aisles apart in the store.  One was in her early twenties while the other appeared to be in her forties.  There currently does not appear to be any connection between the gunman and his victims, but the police investigation is ongoing.

This Indiana grocery store shooting that leaves three dead has left police with a giant crime scene to investigate.  Reports indicate that the grocery store is littered with shell casings all over the store while police try to determine exactly why the gunman opened fire.

Because this case is an officer-involved shooting, the matter has been handed to Indiana State Police for investigation.  The handoff is standard protocol whenever there is an officer-involved shooting.

Indiana State Police Sergeant Trent Smith said there may never be any answers for this senseless tragedy and suggested that the gunman may, like so many others across the world, have struggled with depression or other mental health disorders that could have triggered the crime.  He also suggested that sometimes, irrationality just seizes people and may have been the cause of the senseless tragedy.

Jessica Smith, manager of neighboring restaurant the Fat Tomato, says the restaurant was just wrapping up its business for the day when it was put on lockdown by police.  The lockdown meant she was effectively holding the diners that remained in the restaurant, in addition to employees, hostage until the police gave her the go ahead to leave the building.  Like so many others who work in close proximity to Martin’s Super Market, she says that the shooting was devastating.

When Tony Beltran learned of the shooting, he was immediately concerned.  His mother works at Martin’s and he was worried for her life.  He says, however, that he did get to speak with her immediately following the incident; and, while she is shaken up and frightened, she is fine.  He admits that he is angry that the world has become such a violent place, particularly when the events hit so close to home.

The Indiana grocery store shooting is still being investigated.  No relationship seems to exist at present between the shooter and his victims, and there are many surveillance cameras in the store that are currently being reviewed.  A statement from Martin’s Super Market’s Facebook page said they would comment on the shooting when it was appropriate and responsible to do so.

By Christina St-Jean



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