Alyssa Milano Hits Back at Jay Mohr in the First Celebrity Feud of 2014

Alyssa MilanoAlyssa Milano is a celebrity who happily speaks her mind, and has shown it when going up against Jay Mohr. In the first celebrity feud of 2014, Milano hit back at Mohr for his comments about her pregnancy weight gain.

During a radio interview in December, comedian Mohr said some very hurtful things about the former Charmed actress. Among some of the comments were how she had failed to take care of the “gut” after having a baby. He mentioned it after seeing her at the December NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Awards gala, noting how she did not seem to care about how others viewed her.

In Milano’s defense, despite her son being two-years-old now, the star has two ongoing shows making finding time to exercise very difficult. Even then, a woman’s body changes considerably after the birth of a child and getting the post-baby figure stomach may not be something she can do.

Instead of getting upset at the comedian’s attempt at a joke, the Mistresses star hit back through Twitter in a very polite fashion. Her comment made it clear she felt sorry someone felt the need to comment publicly about her pregnancy weight gain. She could have said much worse, but she acted with dignity, which helped her gain the support of a number of fans.

After hitting back at Mohr in the first celebrity feud of 2014, Milano took to Twitter to thank her fans. They were sending her words of encouragement about her figure, which is definitely nothing to be ashamed of.

Other bloggers and members of the public took to the internet to criticize Mohr’s comments on the radio show. They questioned his feelings had it been his daughter, who is currently two-years-old, who was on the receiving end of the comments. Ironically, Mohr’s wife, Nikki Cox, mentioned on Mohr’s own blog about how society was full of mean people. It would seem that her husband is one of those she was talking about.

Mohr has since responded to both Milano and Perez Hilton that the comments were meant as a joke. However, it still echo’s Cox’s words on his blog about how some people say things that they think are funny but are really just mean.

Milano is just 5” 2’ in height, so any weight would be visible on her. She gave birth to her son, Milo, in 2012, and took seven months off before starting filming for Mistresses. She is also currently involved in Project Runaway: All Star. Some bloggers have taken to the internet to commend the actress for not trying any diet to slim down and get rid of her pregnancy weight gain. It seems she is focusing on staying healthy for her son.

Possibly the worst part of this whole thing is the fact that Mohr had no idea who Milano was, calling her “Melissa” on the radio interview. It begs the question why she should care about his views on her weight. Milano hitting back at Mohr is the first celebrity feud of 2014, but there are likely many more to come. The world of the stars is never a dull place.

By Alexandria Ingham

USA Today

Hollywood Life

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