American Idol Auditions #5 January 29 (Review & Videos)

American Idol Auditions #5 January 29 (Review & Videos)

American Idol is continuing with their auditions tonight, in Salt Lake City, Utah. At the very start of the show, we see Casey Thrasher, in an obvious reenactment, four months previous to his audition tonight. Whenever American Idol shows someone at the start of the episode like they did with Casey, it’s obvious that person will be getting the judges to say “yes,” later in the show.The host, Ryan Seacrest, introduced the three judges, Keith Urban, Jennifer Lopez, and Hary Connick, Jr.

The first competitor was Austin Wolfe, 16. She sang “Radioactive” a cappella. She has a really fantastic voice — I really liked how she sang, and I’m a fan of the song, as well. The judges gave her three “yes” votes.

Then, Kylie Adamson, a lumberjack, of all things, sang. She also got three “yes” votes.

Keith Sanders, 26, and Michael Simeon, 19,  were two of the three next performers. Simeon played the guitar and sang. IMHO, he had a great voice.

Also, a R&B singer, Tessa Norman, 19, sang. J–Lo said: “You are a star.” These three also got three “yes” votes from the judges. Then, the show went to its first commercial break of the evening.

Samantha Townsend, 22, was not one of the better singers that followed. We then saw several others who didn’t get the judges to vote for them, because they weren’t that great of singers.

Next, Alex Preston, 20, sang an original song of his own, and played the guitar. He sounded really, really awesome, IMHO. Harry Connick Jr. and J-Lo seemed to really like how he sang. J-Lo said that she liked how he looked into their eyes as he sang. He got three “yes” votes from the judges, and a Golden Ticket to Hollywood.

The singer that came next on American Idol was the blonde-haired female singer, Samantha Calmes, from Louisiana. She sang an original song, called “From Birth.”  It was FANTASTIC! Then, she sang the theme song to “The Jeffersons.” Keith Urban looked like he was digging it, as did Harry Connick, Jr.  She got “yes” votes from each of the judges, and a Golden Ticket to Hollywood.

After the commercial break, American Idol introduced us to three other singers, LeBryant Crew, 24, a blonde young lady, Laurel Wright, 18, who was singing her own original song, and  . Crew sang a brilliant version of “My Babe” by Little Walker. The judges “loved” the performers, and they all got three “yes” votes and Golden Tickets to Hollywood.

D.J. Bradley then performed, singing “Hometown Glory” by Adele. He was pretty good, and accompanied himself on the guitar. J-Lo said he had a “quirky thing” going on with his voice, but that she “kind of liked it.” D.J. said he liked wirting his own stuff. Keith didn’t give him a “yes” vote, but J-Lo gave him a “yes” and I guess Harry Connick Jr. did, also, because he got a Golden Ticket to Hollywood.

Julie Offal or Awful sang “Make You Feel My Love” really well — she was the person of tonight’s episode of American Idol that the at-home audience got to vote on to decide if they think that the judges sent her on or sent her home. I’ll say she got the three “yes” votes needed to go to Hollywood.

J-Lo told her “yes,” Keith gave her a “no” and Harry Connick, Jr., gave her a “yes” vote. So, while Julie didn’t get three “yes” votes, two was enough for her to get a Golden Ticket to Hollywood.

Beautiful, blonde singer/guitarist  Kenzie Hall, 16, sang the John Mayer tune,  “I’m Gonna Find Another You.” She had a terrific voice, and J-Lo said “you have everything going on.” She got three “yes” votes, and will be moving on to Hollywood.

Then, the brunette singer, Paisley Van Patten, 25, sang. She had a hit at age 15, then had not done so well, but she’d been in Nashville for seven years, became an alcoholic, but recovered in Utah. She said that she is “still chasing her dreams.”

Her choice of a song for the audition was Faith Hill’s  “When the Lights Go Down.” She did great — J-Lo said “you have nice control of your voice,” and said “I loved it.” The judges gave her three “yes votes. The, she imitated Cher, singing “Believe.”

Harry said: “That’s good television,” as he sipped from his drink, and J-Lo chuckled — then, American Idol went to yet another commercial break.

After the break, we saw a blonde young lady, Haydn Olsen, 15, singing “I Won’t Give Up,” a blonde dude, Chase Boyle, singing “Domino,” and Joceyln Baker, 18, singing “No Such Thing” by John Mayer. After Jocelyn, a Country Western singer, Blake Branscom, played the guitar — we saw these five people in fairly rapid-fire succession. Of them, only Jocelyn and Blake Branscom got the “yes” votes needed and the Golden Tickets to go on to Hollywood.

C.J. Harris, 22, sang next, and said his father had died of a massive heart attack at a very young age just last year. He dedicated the song he sang, “Soul Shine” by The Allman Brothers Band,  to his dad. He was TERRIFIC at both singing and  playing the guitar.

J-Lo: “You know, it wasn’t perfect, but I really liked it. I liked it a lot.”

Harry: “There’s something about the entirety that you are that held my attention the entire tune.” C.J.  got three “yes” votes, and will be moving on to Hollywood!

C.J. told Ryan Seacrest after the audition: “I’m so happy! Words can hardly explain it.”

Right after the break, Day 2 in Salt Lake City began with the audition of Tiquila Wilson, 24. She sang “Someone Like You” by Adele. She did GREAT with this song, pouring her heart and soul into it.

J-Lo: “I started getting goosies from my bottom all the way up.” Harry asked her what the church community felt about her singing secular music — she answered “I don’t really care.” She got three “yes” votes, and was off and running, screaming as she left, in happiness, to tell her friends.

Chase Horton, 20, a male model, was the next performer. He sang the Bruno Mars song,  “When I was Your Man.” He didn’t do that well, though. Keith Urban said that he “should take lessons” if he really wanted to sing. He got three “no” votes.

Then, a brunette sang, Jessica Bassett, 22. J-Lo liked her, but Harry and Keith voted “no.” J-Lo said he thought they were “letting a good one slip away.”

Then we saw the judges reminiscing about how they started out, and they said they never liked having to audition, that it was “tough.”

On American Idol, Emily Rottler, 17, sang “Valerie.” She had a wonderful voice, and Keith said “your voice is great.” Harry and the other two judges gave her “yes” votes, so she gets to move on to Hollywood.

Dexter Roberts, 22, from Alabama, sang next. He said he also was a hunter and trained dogs. He sang “I Like to Drive” by Casey James. He ROCKED this country tune, doing a kick-ass job of it. Keith asked him who he listened to, and Dexter said “you” among others that he named.

Harry Connick, Jr.: “You sounded very authentic to me.” The judges gave him three big “yes” votes.

Then, American Idol went to another commercial break. Immediately after it, Ally Roundy, 18, sang a great version of “At Last”  by Etta James, but J-Lo was the only one who gave her a “yes” vote.

Briston Maroney 15, Knoxville, Tennessee, was the next performer, He was s sophomore in high school. He siad that the guitar he played was his great grandfather’s. He sang “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” by The Rolling Stones. I love the original; this was a quite different version. He got enough votes, and he got the Golden Ticket to Hollywood!

Fish, 19, sang “The A Team” by Ed Sheeran. Carson  Henline, 16, then sang “Too Close” and Sabrina Lentini, 15, sang “Black Horse and the Cherry Tree.” All three got the necessary votes to move on.

Johnny Newcomb, sang the Pearl Jam song “Last Kiss” next. Harry and Keith thought he sounded “too derivative.” They were about to give him “no” votes, but he asked if he could sing another song, “If It Hadn’t Been For Love” by The Steeldivers, and he KICKED BUTT. J-Lo gave him a “yes” but Harry voted “no.” J-Lo said “It’s up to you, Keith — send him on or crush a kid’s dreams.” Keith gave him a “yes” so he gets to go on to Hollywood!

Kimberly Tosti, 25, sang “Barracuda” by Heart, a cappella. What a difficult song to sing, especially a cappella. She was pretty good, IMO; but, the judges all voted “no.”

Carmen Delgina sang next — her dad was the singer Wonder Mike from from the Sugarhill Gang.  She sang “Tainted Love” (Pet Shop Boys) a cappella –AWESOME! J-Lo said she had a “God-given voice” but they weren’t sure if they should sned her on — but, they did finally give her three “yes” votes, and got to meet her dad and shake his hand.

Kassandra Casteneda  16, sang “Chasing Pavements” by Adele. She gave J-Lo her uncle’s phone number.  She had a very nice voice, but Harry Connick, Jr., said that he “wasn’t impressed” with her runs. J-Lo liked her, though, as did Keith — they gave her two “yes” votes, while Harry stuck to his “no” vote, but she got enough “yes” votes to get a Golden Ticket and go on to Hollywood.

After the next commercial break, we heard Kenneth “Woodie” Gaddie, 28 , singing “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot.” J-Lo gave him a “yes” vote — he gets enough votes to move on to Hollywood.

At the same time, we’re shown Casey Thrasher, 22, from the start of this episode of American Idol, in The Chamber. Then, we saw scenes of him with his young children, who are 2 -a-half and six months.

He chose to sing “Believe” by Brooks & Dunne, which he said was inspired by a brief meeting that he’d had with Keith Urban at the CMA Awards show. The three judges really liked his voice, and gave him three “yes” votes and a Golden Ticket to Hollywood Casey was the final performer of the night on American Idol.

Ryan Seacrest then said that 30 contestants from the Salt Lake City, Utah, auditions would be going on to Hollywood, and that brings the total to 173 in all. Tomorrow, the auditions will continue in Omaha, Nebraska. It will be the final night of the audition stage of season XIII on American Idol.

Once again, there were tons of talented performers on American Idol, as well as some that weren’t quite as talented, to put it nicely. Still, it takes a lot of guts to put yourself out there, in front of potentially millions of people, and try to sing the best you ever have sang in your life, for the chance to move on and eventually get a recording contract.

Everyone that is going on to Hollywood are so talented, that it will be a very difficult decision by the judges of American Idol to narrow down the field. Please leave your comments below, and join with me tomorrow night, to watch the final night of auditions this season!

Written by: Douglas Cobb

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