American Idol Auditions #6 January 30 (Review)

American Idol Auditions #6 January 30 (Review)

On American Idol, it’s the final night of auditions! Will one of the contestants chosen tonight to get a Golden Ticket also be the one who turns out to be the ultimate winner of season 13? One thing’s for sure — there will be plenty of great music,  some performers that have their dreams shattered, and some that have their dreams realized by having the judges vote “yes” to send them on to Hollywood.

Ryan Seacrest, the host of American Idol, began the episode by driving the three judges to where the sixth night of auditions was taking place, in Omaha, Nebraska.

Quaid Edwards, 21, was the first competitor. His mom knew Keith Urban when she was younger, and even performed alongside him in her own band. Quaid sang  the Gavins DeGraw version of “A Change is Gonna Come.” J-Lo said: “You really have to nail some of those notes or take them out.”

Harry Connick, Jr. said: “If you want to be a great singer, you’re heading in the wrong direction.” J-Lo, Keith,  and Harry said “yes” and Quaid’s the first contestant of the episode to get a Golden Ticket to Hollywood.

Madisen Walker, 15, sings the Carrie Underwood hit “Before He Cheats.” She has a great voice — but Keith said it sounded “too Karaoke.”

However, the judges give her three “yes” votes saying they’d like to see her perform again.

Alyssa Siebken, 20,  sings an acoustic version of “No Hands” by Waka Flocka Flame. She sings it fast, but she does a fantastic job. J-Lo says “yes” but Harry says “no.” It’s up to Keith — he gives her a “yes” vote, and she gets a Golden Ticket!

Tyler Gurwicz, 25,from Vermont performs next. He sings “Set Fire to the Rain.” He has a really awesome voice — Harry says he doesn’t know where to place him if he voted him on. Keith says that it’s “painful” to watch him perform. Harry asks him to pick a different song, and if he does a good job, maybe he’ll get to go on to Hollywood. Tyler thinks about what he should sing, and — American Idol goes to a commercial break.  American Idol Auditions #6 January 30 (Review)

J-Lo tells him that he needs to sing something, even if it’s “Happy Birthday.” Tyler finally comes up with a song to sing, “Grace” by Jeff Buckley, and he does really well, so Harry gives him the “yes” voice he needs to send him to Hollywood.

We then see a rapid succession of contestants on American Idol. One guy is pretty funny — he can imitate all of the Presidents of this century except for Gerald Ford.

Then, we see Tyler Marshall, 23,  singing “Proud Mary (Rolling On the River).” Harry gives him a “yes” as does J-Lo and Keith — he’s going on to Hollywood!

C.J. Jones sings “Stand By Me.” He does a TERRIFIC version — Harry Connick Jr. stands beside him, cutting up and goofing around, even dancing The Robot. He gets three “yes” votes.

DaJontae Lenear, 16, sings the Sam Cooke standard “Nothing Can Change This Love.” He does a fantastic job! Country singer Dylan Becker, 17,  sings “Queen of California” by John Mayer. They both get three “yes” votes and Golden Tickets to Hollywood.

Then, Paula Hunt, 20, sings, She is in the Army and performs overseas in the Heartland America band. She sings a Etta James song. She has a very soulful, rich voice, and her performance impresses the judges. She tells the judges that he mom was just starting to hit it big, then got diagnosed with MS. Harry tells her that she has an “elegance” about her. She gets three “yes” votes and gets to go on to Hollywood. J-Lo calls her “one of my favorites.”

Andrina Brogden, 18,  is up next. She sings “Halo” by Beyonce. J-Lo tells her she has a great voice, but she sounds like she’s singing with a “little bit of fear.”

Keith says she needs to get over her fear, but she has a great voice, He and J-Lo vote “yes” and send her to Hollywood.

Christian Scholl, 20, a Country singer and square dance caller, tries his hand at singing the Willie Nelson classic song “On the Road Again.” He unfortunately doesn’t do that great, and doesn’t get the “yes” votes he heeded to move on to Hollywood.

A pretty brunette, Casey McQuillen, 22, sings “Skyscraper.” Keith said “you sang beautifully. I loved your voice.” Harry said “I really enjoyed that.” She gets “yes” votes from each of the three judges.

Then, to close American Idol, Tessa Kate, 25, from Harrison, Arkansas, sings “Folsom Prison Blues.”  She says that “Music is my number one goal and always has been.” Harry said “I really dug it, man.”

J-Lo said “I really enjoyed it.” The judges gave her three big “yes” votes. She is the very last one to head to Hollywood.

Ryan Seacrest said at the end of American Idol that there are 212 contenders now in all who will be headed to Hollywood from the auditions. There will be a new twist, and  next week, the 212 will be whittled down. “Some will have their journey end before it ever begins,” according to Ryan Seacrest.

The 13th. season of >American Idol is just beginning, and it will be interesting to learn next week what the “twist” is that host Ryan Seacrest mentioned. From what I’ve heard, some of the contestants will be asked right away to sing something, and if they don’t do a good enough job, they will be automatically eliminated from the competition. Please watch American Idol next week and check back here to read my Recap/Review of the Wednesday and Thursday shows!

Written by: Douglas Cobb