American Idol Reasons to Watch (Preview & Video)

American Idol Reasons to Watch (preview & Video)

Are YOU going to be watching American Idol Wednesday, January 15, when it premieres? If not, why not? Sure, Simon Cowell won’t be a judge this season, for better or worse, and two of the judges are new — Keith Urban and Harry Connick, Jr. — but, this season, season thirteen, has the makings of being one of the best ones yet!

On the plus side, Jennifer Lopez is back as one of the judges. Also, if you’re a country music fan, or you love adult contemporary music, the two new judges will probably appeal to you.

Beyond that, though, American Idol has a new executive producer, Per Blankens. With new blood behind the scenes, influencing the course of the entire show, this could shape up to be an interesting season, indeed, and one filled with excellent musical performances from the contestants (knock on wood).
Also, the three judges seem to have great chemistry together, and they appear to be having a meshing well together in YouTube videos. Could it be, as J-Lo states, that the judging panel finally does have “the right combination of people”?

Jennifer Lopez isn’t the only one of the judges who feels that they are working well together. Keith Urban also has made similar statements, and Harry Connick Jr. has said that there is a “love” that the judges have for “each other.”

Gone are the rolling of eyes at the comments of other judges; gone are the interrupted sentences, awkward moments, and name-calling. They have been replaced with playful, lighthearted joking and banter, and laughter.

Ryan Seacrest, the host of American Idol, is impressed with the new attitude among this season’s panel of judges. He’s said that the group “really get along” well with each other, and he believes that long-time viewers of the reality show “will enjoy that part of the show when they come back.”

Adding to the humor and geniality, there appears to be a budding “bromance” between Keith Urban and Harry Connick, Jr. For example, when Keith asks Connick, Jr., who he would sing a love song to if he ever sang one on the show this season, Harry gazes at Keith and declares that he’s “looking at it.”

Then, there are those fans of American Idol who love to check out whatever fashions J-Lo will be wearing from week-to-week. They love to pin, “like,” and blog about how the diva is such an influence on the fashion trends of today.

Of course, another big reason to watch are the auditions. Even bad singers have had their 15 minutes of fame when their performances become the subject of water cooler and high school hallway talk the following day. And, the good performers are often really, really good — they, and their often very emotional life stories, are the biggest reason to continue watching American Idol this season. Watch it with me, and then please check back here to read my review of it after the show! Also, check out the video below, for a taste of what the coming season will be like!

Written by: Douglas Cobb

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