APEX 2014 Fighting Game Tournament Finals Today [Video]

Nintendo Melee APEX 2014

The Nintendo Super Smash Bros. series has a lot of dedicated fans behind it and this weekend marks their biggest tournament of the year, APEX 2014. APEX is an annual tournament for the competitive fighting game community to come together and play some high stakes video games. Cash prizes people. The best of the best will all be gathered in one place for what will surely be an intense weekend.

It is true that APEX is known for all three of the Nintendo Super Smash Bros. games, but other games are also taking place. Some games include Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition v2012, Injustice: God’s Among Us, King of Fighters 13,  Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3Tekken Tag Tournament 2, as well as a number of others. Also included is the fan-made Super Smash Bros. game Project M.

It is true that EVO is probably the biggest fighting game event of the year, but APEX is a good second. APEX is mainly known for the Smash Bros. games, but also brings in tons of excellent gamers and other great games. With that being said, this year the Melee bracket contained a total of 630 players.

The event takes place all weekend from January 17 through January 19 in Somerset, NJ and is intense. This annual tournament brings in all the best smash players and this year is no different. Some great names you’ll want to look out for include, Mango, Armada, Mew2King, Hungrybox, Ice, Shroomed, The Moon, Hax, aMSa, Plup, Lucky, Axe, Kage,  and tons more.

Nintendo Super Smash Bros Melee, aMSa breakfast

If you would like to watch this monumental game tournament a series of links at the bottom of the article can take you to a number of different streams. Since so many games were played at this tournament in such a short amount of time, there exists five different streams to watch. These streams are operated by the most respectable fighting game streaming groups. Such groups include Team Spooky, 8WayRun, ClashTournaments, VGBootcamp, and Bifuteki. Of course streaming this epic tournament would not possible without the great help of Twitch.tv.

With so many great players in one place a special side event had to be created. Welcome to the Salty Suite. This event brings together rivals as well as the hypest of dream matches. Money is on the line, as is glory. The Salty Suite takes place all three days of the tournament, but met with arrangement troubles the second night and ended early. Today not only marks the last day for the tournament, but also for the Salty Suite.

APEX 2014, one of the biggest fighting game events of the year, finishes today. The finals that take place today include Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Super Smash Bros. Melee, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition v2012. Nintendo fans as well as fighting game fans clash for the right to be APEX 2014 champion. If you haven’t watched competitive video games before, Melee matches are so exciting that often times people lose control of their bodily functions, (not really) either way, you don’t want to miss out!


By Garrett Jutte

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