Apple Fixes iOS 7 ‘Screen of Death’

Apple Fixes iOS 7 Screen of Death on iPhone 5

Apple Inc has confirmed that the iPhone’s iOS 7.1 update will fix the dreaded white or black “screen of death.” The nickname “screen of death” was dubbed from Microsoft’s infamous “blue screen of death” that users can sometimes encounter running many versions of Microsoft’s Windows. Apple’s screen of death sometimes occurred when a user running iOS 7 would attempt to start-up their iPhone and encounter a white or black screen upon the device crashing.

The next software update fix for iOS 7 has been confirmed by Apple will be rolled out during their next software update. Apple spokesperson Trudy Muller talked to sources today.

“We have a fix in an upcoming software update for a bug that can occasionally cause a home screen crash.”

iOS 7 crashes on iPhones (including the latest iPhone 5S) were totally random occurrences that do not occur on iPads running the same version of the Apple OS. Upon start-up of the iPhone a user would randomly see a black or white screen as the phone’s OS crashed. The only fix for the freeze in booting was to hard-reset the phone.

The screen of death started to appear in Apple’s discussion boards in September 2013. According to user reports the problem would be more prevalent when the charge in the iPhone’s battery reached 30 percent or under. It was speculated that the iPhone required more stored power than the depleted battery could supply, causing the phone to turn off while performing vital boot-up tasks.

Whether the iPhone displayed a white or black screen of death also seemed to be governed by the iPhone’s face color. iPhones with the white face use a white boot screen with a black Apple logo, while a black-faced phone produced the black screen with a white Apple logo.

The iOS 7.1 update will be the fourth beta version for Apple developers. The fix for the screen of death will not be the only fix that Apple rolls out with their latest version of the latest OS. Slight tweaks for the user interface (UI) are also said to be included in this next version. Rumors have been floating around that Apple may also be introducing the iOS 7 to new features that allow a user to connect the iPhone to their car. Some other rumors speculate that users in the UK will get a new female voice for their Siri personal virtual assistant.

Other rumors being heard are of changes coming to iOS 7.1’s UI. It is being heard through tech channels that iOS 7.1 will include more round buttons across a wider range of apps and services. Pill-shaped buttons are also said to be placed behind the text links that replaced the buttons in the previous version of the OS.

At this point the iOS 7.1 screen of death fix has no firm release date. The fourth beta version was just delivered to Apple developers and some speculate that they may already have a couple of beta versions impending. This has led experts to predict that Apple may release this update to a wider audience as early as late February 2014 to the end of March.

By Brent Matsalla

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