Apple Inc CEO Tim Cook ABC Interview Talks Mac, Sapphire and Avoids iPhone

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Today celebrates the 30th birthday of the Steve Jobs creation – Mac; additionally ABC will be airing an interview with Apple Inc CEO Tim Cook, Friday evening. The sharing -shy Cook discusses the lengths executives take to hide their development ideas, even from employees. In addition, the CEO will discuss an investment in Arizona, which many believe to be the Sapphire glass manufacturing that has been hinted. It is more than likely Cook will side-step all things of the future of iPhone and concentrate on what is permissible to the public ear and eye. See a snippet of the interview at the end of the article.

In snippets released, ABC’s David Muir will be hosting a segment Friday evening on World News with Diane Sawyer. Muir will be sitting opposite of the hottest names in technology which include Apple Inc. CEO Cook, senior VP of software engineering Craig Federighi and VP of software technology Bud Tribble. A very electrifying and intriguing interview is sure to glue millions to the tube. The snippets also show Muir moving over to the idea of the iPhone with a larger screen and Cook easily side-steps the questions, advising it is a topic he cannot discuss. Mentioned will be the entrance of the Mac birthday of 30 years and a potential entry of Sapphire creation.

On Jan. 24, 1984 Jobs introduced a competitor into the field to unseat IBM has the crown victor. Prior to the unveiling of the Mac, a commercial that took the world by storm featuring the future of Apple Inc., Jobs personified the idea of giving IBM a run for their money. External board members fell in love with the commercial and finally backed the vision of Jobs as the Mac became a symbolic factor of want. Finally the day came and in the Flint Center, with nervous executives, a buzzing audience and a very cool looking Jobs – he inserted the 3.5-inch disk into the Mac.

“Hello, I’m Macintosh,” emitted from the bulky Mac. The world cheered.

While the Mac did not immediately unseat IBM, actually the sales were sort of dismal – they did innovate the growth of the GUI and the mouse. Apple Inc. exploded once the iPhone came onto the scene over 23 years later.  The world has continued to embrace and devour all things Apple and it shows no signs of slowing.

In the ABC interview, Muir will also touch on the Arizona secret, Cook has been harboring. Cook shares there is a “huge investment” happening in Arizona. Muir pushed aside the niceties and asked directly, if it was regarding Sapphire glass. Cook responded that it does include a “sapphire announcement,” but refused to elaborate beyond that. Especially, when Muir pushes to determine what device the glass will be applied to. The eager reporter states is it for a larger iPhone or even maybe the rumored iWatch.

“iRing,” Cook jokes. The myth surrounding the iRing was derived from Brian White, an analyst for Topeka Capital Markets. White insists Apple Inc. is developing an “iTV” project which would link the controller to a ring, thus the iRing. White also states Apple Inc. will be developing massive screen televisions, something apparently, even Cook jokes about.

The latest news can be found by watching the ABC slated interview Friday evening with Cook. Sharing the inspiration of Jobs, the Mac birthday, skirting iPhone and the entrance of sapphire will be all of the rage for Apple Inc. fans. Looking forward to the interview? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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