Arizona Bus Crashed by Angry Passenger

An Arizona bus crashed after it was taken over by an angry passenger. The Greyhound bus was traveling east from Los Angeles towards Dallas when it crashed on the Interstate-10 expressway near Tonopah, Arizona. At 1:45 am, the man began hitting and yelling at the driver and then he grabbed the steering wheel of the bus. The passenger allegedly shouted that he was going to flip the bus; the driver shouted to passengers to get the man off of him. Some of the passengers tried to restrain the angry man while trying to stop the bus.

Police reported that the bus then crashed into the median and almost went into oncoming traffic that was going west. Bart Graves, a spokesman for the Arizona Department of Public Safety reported that the passengers descended on the man; he also said that the man was high and hallucinating when the attack occurred and that the man expressed he wanted to get off the bus. A woman who came to the scene to pick up her son claimed that passengers said the man thought the riders were trying to kill him.

Susana Ordinola, 48, a rider on the bus, said that she saw the man run up the front of the bus; he then started screaming and hitting the driver. She also said that a man tried to run up to the attacker to stop him but because the bus was swerving, he fell backwards. Some of the passengers though the driver had fallen asleep but said that the bus became hectic when riders began flying through the air and landing on the floor. Gregory Frost, another passenger, said that the attacker was hitting the driver hard in the face while the driver was yelling for help and asking passengers to come help him.

The man who caused this accident was Maguel Donyel Morris, 25; he was arrested on possible accounts of assault, aggravated assault and endangerment. After the crash, Morris and a woman ran into the desert but returned 30 minutes later, which was when Morris was taken into custody. This is not the first time Morris has been in trouble with the law. Police said that Morris was charged in 2010 for assaulting a 91-year-old woman who almost died during an attempted robbery; however, he was not convicted because his brother did not testify. He also has a long criminal record in Mississippi.

The accident injured 24 people; three were airlifted to area hospitals while more than 20 were transported by ambulance; none of the injured passengers had life-threatening injuries. Morris was taken to the hospital for a drug-induced condition. Police officers described Morris’s condition as an emotional incident. Alexandra Pedrini, a spokeswoman for Greyhound, said that another bus was sent to the scene to pick up the remaining passengers.

After Morris crashed a bus in Arizona, the Arizona Department of Public Safety stated, he will be charged on 48 counts of felony endangerment, three counts of aggravated assault and 24 counts of assault.

Written By: Jordan Bonte

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