AT&T Offering Up to $450 Per Line to T-Mobile and Metro PCS Customers (UPDATE)

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[UPDATE]: AT&T executives have stated that customers may be qualified up to $450. If a customer uses a current phone, purchases a phone out of contract or on the Next plan – they are the only customers who can receive the additional $200 credit. 2-year options are not compatible with the $200 credit. The $250 credit applies for all customers who trade-in. This offer is now extended for Metro PCS and T-Mobile customers.

[ORIGINAL]: In a move to strike at the cavalier approach of T-Mobile and their attacks on AT&T, the largest mobile carrier is slapping the pink monster back. Starting Jan. 3 for a limited time, T-Mobile customers can receive up to $450 in credits per line. This is a huge move for AT&T and a first for one of the largest carriers to counter-attack against a competitor so fiercely. Not since the growing days of Verizon has AT&T’s stance been this aggressive. This could mean a world of difference when it comes to T-Mobile’s final phase 4 announcement of their Uncarrier series. There are conditions to the credit, but it can be an incredible option for customers who miss the 2-year option, want a larger array of phone options or want more coverage levels.

Conditions of Credit

T-Mobile customers can trade-in their current smartphones and receive a promotional gift-card, valued up to $250 which can be used towards another phone. Say that nifty iPhone 5S on  2-year contract for $199.99. Or even  the snazzy Nokia Lumia 1520 6-inch phone for $199.99 on a 2-year contract. Or customers can purchase items like the Samsung Galaxy S III mini for free and the Samsung Galaxy Note II for $199.99, both on a 2-year contract.  This is one of several options with the credit.

Customers can also opt to keep their compatible devices, purchase a phone on AT&T Next installment plan (12 and 18 months available) or purchase a device at full price. For those keeping their device, they still enjoy a $200 credit per line. For customers who want to trade-in their phone to purchase an AT&T device on the Next plan or out of contract – they can receive up to $450 per line. This could be a threat towards T-Mobile’s reported final phase 4 of their Uncarrier plan to buy out contracts. In addition to one of these three options, customers can select the Mobile Share Value Plans.  These plans accommodate from one to 10 devices and allows all phones to share unlimited talk, unlimited text and a selected data plan. See the example pricing as listed:

Mobile Share Value plan 2 iPhone 5S’ selected on the Next plan (18 month) with the Mobile Share 4GB (a plan AT&T lists as the most popular).

Mobile Share Value Plan 4GB $70 + $25 per Next plan phone + Next plan payments $50 = $145 monthly.

AT&T is extending gift cards for customers to either select another phone, another device like a tablet, apply to accessories or even pay forward to their bills.

For customers who select the 2-year option, the same plan for two smartphones on a contract would be $150 monthly, to offers options. AT&T is looking to step-up its game after T-Mobile smacked a few hits towards AT&T. The move is a bold one and is sure to provide a peak of interest for customers who may not be happy with their level of coverage with T-Mobile.

AT&T Offers $450 Credit Per Line to T-Mobile Customers Starting Jan 3
A peek at the Mobile Share Value Plans

AT&T and T-Mobile Continue

This dousing of the credit offering by AT&T can provide a sting towards T-Mobile. The fourth largest carrier had been rolling out the Uncarrier phases and rumors suggested their were going to present the contract buy outs as their final phase of the plan. AT&T’s move shows aggression and may present an issue for T-Mobile to sweep the announcement with glam and lights. In addition, AT&T is boosting their credit offer to $450, $100 above T-Mobile’s potential offering of $350. It will be interesting to see if T-Mobile will look to change their strategy as the final phase of the Uncarrier plan is expected to arrive soon.

AT&T made a big announcement this morning, they are offering up to $450 in credits for T-Mobile customers to switch to the largest GSM carrier starting Jan. 3. With reduced pricing online, AT&T is promoting T-Mobile customers to shop online or hit a local store for instant savings. Interested in this bold move by AT&T? Thoughts on what it could mean for T-Mobile and phase 4 of Uncarrier? Could this be a game changer for the unlimited data plan? Share in the comments.


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3 Responses to "AT&T Offering Up to $450 Per Line to T-Mobile and Metro PCS Customers (UPDATE)"

  1. Peter   January 7, 2014 at 7:31 am

    Chris, never ever switch to AT&T. They’re still on 2 year contract bull $h!t and streaming is not truly unlimited. Another reason is the price…you can pay 150$ a month for capped data that they somehow get away with labeling as unlimited! WTF?!?!?!! On metro, I pay 60$ for a truly unlimited (no cap) 4g connection. I recently hooked up another line to the account and now I pay 55$ for each line…and its truly unlimited! AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon suck.

  2. RKSoni   January 4, 2014 at 4:53 am

    The offer of AT&T looks attractive but it is not easy to get it. Still there are few catches…. People are smart, AT&T customers will go over toT Mobile, and then switch back for the credit within 14 days, att can’t verify account ownership time. They will basically just lose a ton of cash on tmobile… Again…T-Mobile will also announce a big relief at CES-2014…. The main attraction of T-Mobile is its cheaper unlimited plans which AT&T don’t . we should wait till next week before Jump….

    • chris simmons   January 4, 2014 at 6:02 am

      I’m in need of a new phone. I am on T-mobile. Should I switch then switch back, as you say? Help me out a bit Soni


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