Ben Affleck and the Rumors Surrounding the Justice League Movie


The new Justice League movie rumors surrounding Ben Affleck have left movie goers skeptical on its release date and other elements of the film. Rumors have been circulating for months that Affleck will be playing Batman, something met with mixed emotions. Most recently, a rumor has sprouted that the Argo star will also direct the anticipated Justice League film.

It is well known that Affleck was originally offered the directing gig for the Justice League movie, but after his experience with Daredevil, a flick about a blind superhero, the Daredevil star has purposely alienated himself from superhero movies. He admitted he had no interest in participating in any more superhero movies, either as an actor or a director, nor did he agree with the direction the Justice League movie was headed. Justice League fans were under the impression that the movie was scheduled to come out in 2015.  It has since been reported that the movie will push its release date back 10 months to some time in 2016, leaving the impression that Affleck has been brought in to help develop the film.

The Argo director credits the Christopher Nolan Batman series as the deciding factor for him to reenter the superhero genre. The success and artistic integrity of the Batman films have inspired Affleck to accept the role of Batman, portraying an older and wiser actor than his previous superhero role in Daredevil.

The new Justice League movie is suppose to be released the summer following the release of the sequel to the most recent Superman film, Man of Steel.  The movie has been advertised to have the first unprecedented encounter with DC superheroes Batman and Superman. The film is also rumored to have appearances from other DC superheroes like Wonder Woman and the Hooded Crusader. As of now the title for the movie is, Batman Vs Superman, alluding to movie goers, possible epic combat scenes between the two historic superheroes Batman and Superman.

Zach Snyder is scheduled to direct the Batman Vs. Superman movie, but it seems unlikely with post production and other Hollywood business affairs, he will be able to have sufficient time and focus to direct the Justice League movie as well. These rumors surrounding the Justice League and Batman Vs Superman movies all encourage the possibility of Ben Affleck directing the film. The Oscar winner sensation is largely regarded as one of the top directors in Hollywood today, leaving superhero movie enthusiasts excited at the possibility of him directing the movie.

Superhero movie enthusiasts have met the reality of the Argo star playing Batman with disdain, knowing the Nolan Batman series has left Affleck large shoes to fill. There has been significantly more approval, however, in the idea of him directing the Justice League movie. The rumors surrounding the Justice League movie seem to descry to Hollywood society that Ben Affleck is accepted more as a superhero director than an actor. This is largely understandable since even Affleck admitted his role in Daredevil was not his best. Hollywood and superhero movie enthusiasts alike will have their eyes on the Oscar-winning screenwriter to see if he indeed directs the new Justice League movie.

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  1. Kollin Lore   January 31, 2014 at 10:56 am

    Hello fellow writer, just a minor error. I am sure you are aware that Ben Affleck has officially been confirmed as Batman around a month ago, you have a little slip up about rumors circulating of him being cast. Other than that, nice article! Keep it up! Personally, I hope he directs the rumors JL movie.

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