Bieber Beliebers Believe Beyond the Blitz

Bieber Beliebers Believe Beyond the BlitzThe cute singing star, Justin Bieber, who captured teenage hearts five years or more, has gone beyond his own bounds and bellowing bangs to entice a new crowd.  Bieber, the 19 year old singer-songwriter from Canada and overall talent, has busted into the law one too many times.  He has somehow created a following of mass proportions and unheard of attention through concerts and albums over the years.  His appeal to teenagers and older ones who want to be young again, has gone beyond the blitz of regular promotion.  His mass displays of affection to the crowds of craved fans and followers of the strange cause and effects he displays have driven people crazy!

The world is without end when we consider natural disasters,  government upheavals, economy issues and distractions from everyday sports figures and celebrities.  Justin Bieber’s trials and tribulations seem to brought on by his own doing.  He did his thing, he was enjoying the moment and it all collided in an arrest of sorts with the pop star admitting more than he should.  Whether or not he should have said this or that, Bieber spilled the beans on himself.  Being truthful is a good quality, but the overly coy nature does not do well in an arrest.  It’s really not a national worry or concern, as we try to sort out the issues at hand that matter most.

Sure, an arrest of an international heart-throb would make the news, cause despair and sadness among the Belieber dedicated fans.  It is just heart wrenching to think their beloved star would stoop so low as to drag race under the influence, after reportedly egging a house and hosting wild parties with drugs.  The sand and the shells in Florida did nothing to deter Bieber from his latest antics and acrobatic feats of living above the law.

Even more interesting is the arresting officers having to go home and humbly not admit to family members any disruption or unusual events of the fateful evening.  How they were obviously doing their job and not promoting a celebrity despite the hoopla and booking of a star, the Miami-Dade police department acted in accordance to the law and followed procedures.  Even denying all photo-opts for their young daughters at home.

As we all wish the young singer would be restored to health and judgment, the end will be near as he ponders his life and links to the future.  We all live by example, as for Bieber, his role models have been Michael Jackson, The Beatles, Miley Cyrus and various other artists of here and there.

Much of Bieber’s ongoings have not been the fault of his own.  Growing up with a young teenage mom with an absentee father has surely played into his musical career and life choices.  We do not always do what we want, we do what we know.  Justin Bieber grew up too fast in the limelight, had too much fame and fortune much too quick and at a young age.  What else could he do but to live life in the high lane with big rollers.

As Justin continues to live life on the edge and get into trouble, it only serves as another distraction from our own lifetime woes.  Government mandates, scandals and toss-ups between religious beliefs seem trivial when we focus in on one person that is in the headlines.  Keeping perspective these days involves forgiveness, forgetfulness and the fortitude to forge ahead with what really matters.

Editorial by: Roanne FitzGibbon

Fox News  

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