South Africa on an Express Train Toward Self Destruction

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The South Africa based security forces seem to be traveling on an express train heading toward self-destruction. Are the officials spiraling out of control or can they apply brakes and stop the carnage?

Max Du Preez, a highly controversial writer, writes in his book, A Rumor of Spring, published in November 2013,  “Among the convicted criminals still serving in the SAPS were a Major General, 10 Brigadiers, 21 Colonels, 10 Majors, 43 Lieutenant-colonels, 163 Captains, 84 Lieutenants and 716 Warrant Officers.” (PG 195).

Not expected criminals but convicted criminals. This is the South African democracy in action. The country is being policed by criminals. While it has always been a part of Communist doctrine that a nation’s security forces should be emasculated, the current regime in South Africa is affecting such on the basis of protecting their ill gotten gains.

The majority of the people do not trust the South African Police Services (SAPS). The shootings at Marikana in August 2012 where 34 miners were killed are indicative of the gung-ho attitude pervading the SAPS. What nobody mentions the fact that behind the SAPS were soldiers. Is it true that these were troops from a parachute regiment and that they were armed with .50 Browning machine guns? So many questions remain unanswered. What would have happened if they were to become involved in the fracas? Was this an attempt to create a civil war in South Africa? What was the responsibility of Cyril Ramaphosa in this whole fracas?

Ramaphosa’s company Shanduka was the labor broker through which these mine-workers could get jobs at the mine. Allegations had been doing the rounds that two thirds of the miners salaries were withheld by Shanduka with only a third paid out.

Can this be the reason why mine workers were so disgruntled?  These during a time of economic difficulty, who can afford to have two-thirds of their income, disappear in order to feed a fat cat so that he can buy an R20 million buffalo bull. The action exercised by the South African Security forces is definitely on an express train traveling toward self destruction.

The South African Police Services (SAPS) has a division called Crime Intelligence (CI). This unit has been most often in the news and for all the wrong reasons. In the matter of a Czech fugitive, Radowan Krecjir, officials from this unit have been pointed out as living comfortably off his largesse. The Commander of the unit in the East Rand admitted that he had benefited from a so called loan for R400,000 from one of Krecjir’s companies. Two junior ranks under Steyn benefited from the same largess, policemen driving around in Porsches. Even Miami Vice, the TV series is no patch for the realities of what is happening in the RSA.

The CI, along with the various Intelligence Services, called the State Security Agency (SSA) and Defense Intelligence (DI) are intercepting phone calls, internet communications and doing so without court orders. Snowden would be astounded as to what has been transpiring in the RSA. Raids are lodged on businesses in order to effectively steal the business from its rightful owners. Situations are created, and slander is circulated as gospel in order to tarnish the reputation of civilians whose businesses are of interest to these people. Nothing stands in isolation – if this is what is happening to citizens of South Africa, one could imagine as to what is happening to Embassies and foreign representatives communications. Is the express train to self destruction traveling to fast?

CI has tentacles spreading throughout the South African security community. In this regard, Johan Erasmus from a company called New Generation Arms Management (NGAM), which holds the South African agency for the Dillon Mini-gun which fires 3,000 rounds a minute was targeted by them. Erasmus had been targeted as a so called Boeremag by the South African Special Forces (SASF) due to his no nonsense approach when they tried to steal the contracts and representation from this company. Erasmus was approached at different times by a George Darmanovitch who tried to persuade Erasmus into illegal actions in order to compromise him. Actions such as trying to bribe officials in order to keep all the fabrications from inter alia Vanessa Du Toit from the National Conventional Arms Control Committee (NCACC) disappear.

According to Erasmus, this is not the way that things are to be done and he declined. He also holds the view that he is guilty only of performing and delivering on an Armscor contract (the state owned procurement agency for the defense force). Armscor had been pointed out at various instances as being a hotbed of unbridled corruption, even since the days from before 1994 when the ANC came into power.  It was clearly an attempt at compromising Erasmus as they had nothing on him.

In this regard, NGAM’s business premises and its directors’ homes were raided on December 4, 2012 based on false affidavits by Vanessa Du Toit. All their computers were carted off with volumes of documentation. Nothing has been returned until today; although it has been noticed that their business information had been disseminated to their competitors as well as the state owned companies.

Even different court attempts by NGAM came to naught as it would appear that the judges in most cases were influenced, especially the Afrikaans speaking; white, male judges. Erasmus was warned that the judges would not help him due to his pointing these aspects out. His views are simple since when does he needs the help of judges, all they have to do is to commit to their duties. It is not about helping, it is all about performing one’s duties. Stop the express train and avoid self destruction.

Erasmus is targeted without a doubt, simply for not allowing criminals under the guise of the state to steal from him and his black partners. This story does not end here.

It is clear that this is not an isolated case. Economic terrorism is being waged by these people from CI, SASF and NPA against the government of the day. They thrive on blackmailing senior officials who have committed one or other indiscretion. They excel in slandering people whom they have targeted. They are misleading the government. It is the same people who are laying ambush after ambush for President Zuma to stumble into. Which of course he so dutifully does. This has been going on to such an extent that President Zuma is seen as a liability for the ANC in the upcoming general election.

When a network as devious as the one operating in South Africa pervades any society, it is clear that such a society is on an express train toward destruction, alas the days when Rome burnt.

By Laura Oneale


Daily Maverick

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6 Responses to "South Africa on an Express Train Toward Self Destruction"

  1. Steve   February 2, 2014 at 8:02 am

    Arms dealer sues state for R1.2 bn over confiscated arms

    Submitted by jeannevdm on August 24, 2012 – 10:49 am

    Read the article and ask – Did the Arms Dealer win his law suite against the state for R1.2 bn or anything at all a year plus down the line?

  2. JH   January 28, 2014 at 9:16 pm

    Retired, leave study leave what’s it to you. You seemingly have way too much time on your own hands to write such fictitious narcissistic fairytales that most of the time make no sense and is in contradiction from one sentence to the next document. What is it now, agenda or instruction. You either have an agenda or act under instruction but again, this man can only be guilty of something judging by the plots and schemes he fantoms of which he is the central theme. Does that make him feel important because otherwise he’ll just be another white afrikaans speaking narcissistic pathological liar roaming the streets as a non-discript individual that dismally failed life because he did not become the LORD OF WAR. Sorry boet but we are now board with you. Time to move on.

    • Johan Erasmus   January 29, 2014 at 7:05 am

      Eish somebody got hold of a Lexicon.
      Typical Special Forces speak.
      Typical of the physiological profiles they draw before they commit crimes! All in the name of National Security – a robber state we have become!
      You gutless low life, to afraid to show your face and your contact details. Find you, we shall, answer you we will. Stealing is what you are doing, success you will not have!
      Speak the truth you imbecile, are you too afraid thereof? Only conclusion we can come to – moving on, are you? Finding you we shall! Answers you will give, prison you will go – even pawn your wife’s rings, from the left and the right – as I‘ve said, finding you – we shall.
      Oh and by the way, henceforth we shall publish all the photos taken from the surveillance teams as well as the intimidation teams.
      Have a nice day.

      • JH   February 8, 2014 at 7:31 am

        OMG!!!!! Have anyone read the latest BS this Erasmus character wrote????? Are you sane???? Do you have an IQ whatsoever???? No, you must be brain-dead to write such slander, such libel, such BS!!!! Are you alive, do you exist cause if you do you are one sick SoB.

  3. JH   January 27, 2014 at 10:43 pm

    Erasmus targeted again? How can so many people be wrong and only him right? He seems to target one specific person throughout all the fiction he publishes, she must have done something right. This man is full of (non-credible speculative) information. Who believes him after all this published stuff?

    • Johan Erasmus   January 28, 2014 at 6:48 am

      Are you either retired or on leave , or on so called study leave!
      The documents speak for itself.
      The lady has an agenda , at the time of the raid based on her false affidavits , she was overheard as saying to the Investigation Officer “that she was under instruction”. The same words are used by the Motor mechanic Col DBT Smit in court papers. He is under instruction, he says.
      If nobody believes then why are reacting? Afraid to show his face?
      When an English speaking Judge states it clearly that somebody wants to steal the contracts from NGAM, then why can’t the Afrikaans speaking judges not see it? Because they do not want to? Because they had received a “friendly” phone call?
      How many people recount tales of being threatened if they were to conduct business with Erasmus and NGAM? Two Special forces types , black and white goons with a grey Audi confronted various people and threatened them with their careers! And Alfred Nhlapo from the Intelligence Service telling people hush-hush not to business with Erasmus and NGAM!!
      Put your name forward so that we can now whether you are a rat or a mouse?
      Let the documents speak for itself and only the truth shall set us free!!



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