Bieber Invited to Tennessee Farm by Billy Ray Cyrus

Bieber, Billy Ray Cyrus

Justin Bieber’s antics and his current run-in with law have also reached the ears of Billy Ray Cyrus, who has now invited the Canadian pop star to chill with him in his Tennessee farm. Father of Miley Cyrus, Billy Ray seems to be reaching out the troubled singer with his own set of advice, albeit a more practical one, going by the fact that Bieber seems to be in favor of vacations now.

The 52-year-old musician was responding to the query from a journalist who asked him for any advice that Billy would like to communicate to Bieber through the medium. The question was asked with reference to Bieber’s recent DUI arrest.

Billy, at his characteristic best, said that he is used to such questions as people are time and again seeking parental advice from him. He was of the opinion that since Bieber is constantly under public scrutiny for his actions, there would be no dearth of advice from people around him.

Thus, instead of churning out empty advice, Billy Ray instead invited Bieber to his farm in Tennessee to spend some time chilling out with him. He suggested that both of them could walk to the teepee and take a break from the life outside. They could look into lighting a fire and stepping away from the current flow of things for Bieber.

The back to nature advice from Billy also involved counting deer and hawks while relaxing in a bid to get back to life. Billy also had a good thing to say about the talent that Bieber had in music. He said that Bieber just needs to put his focus back into music as he has long life ahead of him to live. Praising Bieber to be a great artist, Billy wanted Bieber to focus on the talent that he has got and expressed desire to see him start to enjoy some bits of that talent.

The fact remain that Justin Bieber currently lacks a certain control in his life which was visible during his teenage years. After being found not guilty in various rumored charges against him following the police raid at his place, it was expected that there would not be any more run-in with the law for Bieber.

Yet, to the disappointment of many, Bieber got arrested soon after for drag racing on the streets of the city of Miami, allegedly while drinking. Bieber was later released from jail on a $2,500 bond and soon flew off to Panama with the same drag racing partners.

That the Canadian singer would constantly have people advising him to seek help has also been occasionally revealed by the media. From his manager to the record company head, even his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez are known to try and ask him to take control of his life.

However, with no let up in his wild ways, questions are now being put across to other celebrities probably in the hope that someone would be able to inspire Bieber enough to return to his earlier persona. Billy Ray’s words, although in good faith, should give Bieber a golden chance to enjoy another vacation in Billy’s Tennessee farm. The invite should also be seen as an opportunity for Bieber to look into a collaborative effort with Billy Ray for another music album for the thrill of their fans.

By Daris Abraham


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