Bizarre Case of ‘Breaking Bad’

The winner of 'Breaking Bad' contest arrested

Breaking Bad

This article is about the famous television series Breaking Bad, the insanely bizarre facts of this case are presented without any additions. Television programs, for some time now, have been associated with and of inspiring random acts of violence and other evils but what you are going to read is completely baffling and might blow some of you off your feet.

The winner of the contest of Breaking Bad is allegedly a drug peddler himself. Breaking Bad was an iconic story of a high school chemistry teacher. The protagonist Walter White, when diagnosed with lung cancer, in order to secure his family’s future, becomes a drug manufacturer. He produces the purest form of methamphetamine and sells it on the streets with help from his accomplice, a former student and now a drug addict. He helps the teacher make important contacts to drug rings. The relationship, as it turns out is mutually beneficial. The student has enough drugs to consume while the teacher earns millions for his family.

Breaking Bad sheds light on the people who are involved in this heinous drug trade on the streets of America, on the one hand; while on other hand it shows the travails of an ordinary school teacher, with otherwise clean record, turn into a criminal.

The Lee County Sheriff’s office in Florida arrested three men, namely, Ryan Lee Carroll, 28, James Lee Allen 35, and Benjamin Scott Smith for manufacturing and distributing drugs nationwide. The chemistry school teacher in Breaking Bad made meth while these men manufactured “Spice” or synthetic marijuana. “Spice” is very popular among high school seniors across America.

The police raided the apartment on an anonymous tip and found thousands of packages of the finished product. They also found traces of the byproducts of the drug in large rubber bins. In addition police also discovered hundreds of money orders amounting to thousands of dollars.

According to the police sources the arrested men had an estimated $1.25 million of the drug at their apartment. They manufactured the drug in a lab set-up in the garage. They also ran the illicit operation from another hide out, as well. The Lee County Sheriff department has declared it the biggest bust of 2014. “Spice” or synthetic marijuana is illegal both under the federal and the Florida law.

Carroll, the main accused, won a raffle ticket of Breaking Bad contest in September. He watched the show’s final episode with the cast of the show at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. Among the other things found in the apartment was a hazmat suit with the signature of all the cast members of the famous series.

Breaking Bad  (2008-2013) was one of the most popular television series of all times. It won a number of awards. The cast members also were highly appreciated by the public and the critics, alike. It was so iconic that it inspired a new word, “binge watch”: watching a number of episode of a Breaking Bad, one after another without a break. The word did not make it into the dictionaries as it was defeated in the run by another new word “selfie.” This in short is the bizarre case of Breaking Bad.

By Iftikhar Tariq Khanzada



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