Boeing 767 Makes Emergency Landing in Saudi Arabia

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Boeing 767-300 ER of the Saudi Arabian Airlines made an emergency landing at the Medina Airport. With 315 passengers aboard, the airplane was arriving from Iran’s Mashhad city. According to the aviation officials, the landing gear failed to deploy at a proper time leading to the faulty landing. Several passengers were injured and 11 of them were taken to the hospital, reported Reuters. Aviation officials have not released the extent of injuries to the passengers, officials have stated they would update the public as information became available. 29 passengers were injured in total according to the official reports.

Per eyewitness reports, the landing gear’s rear right side was giving troubles and the airplane tried to land two times before successfully landing, reported BBC. The General Authority of Civil Aviation gave a rough figure of 18 of the 29 reported individuals were labeled as injured. Although the injuries were minor for most of the passengers, 11 people sustained serious injuries leading to hospitalization.

The witnesses spoke to the media anonymously as most of them were not authorized to talk over the issue. Another company leased the airplane to carry passengers to the city of Mashhad. Anonymous sources declined to comment further on the issue leading to several unanswered question as of now.

An eyewitness, on the condition of anonymity, revealed that the airplane was unable to maneuver properly while landing in Prince Mohammed bin Abdul Aziz International Airport. This incident once again brought into light several technical questions about a Boeing 767. The authority commented that it was a “technical malfunction” and the pilot did report a problem with the rear wheel. However, there were no answers as to why the airplane was allowed to go on a flight on the first place. Not many details could be extracted from the Saudi Arabia Officials about the emergency landing of the Boeing 767.

It was dawn when the airplane tried to land but could not do so. Several images of the airplane have already gone viral over social media which points out the fact that the right wing was damaged. While the plane was on the runway, the right wing seemed problematic, reported BBC.

When the airplane came to a halt, the nose landing gear was off the ground several websites reported. The spokesperson of the Saudi Aviation Authority, Mr. Khaled Bin Abdullah Khaybari, told the media, the gear which controlled the landing aspects failed during the landing. It was expected by many stakeholders that the Saudi Press Agency will give a detailed elaboration, but they conveyed, “Boeing is aware of reports of the accident and is gathering more information.”

The Boing 767 is a twin engine, large bodied, jet airliner which faced several accidents before in many countries. Some of them are: Boeing 767 Flight 129 which crashed in Busan, Boeing 767 flight 143 made an emergency landing at Gimli in Manitoba and now Boeing 767-300 ER landed on emergency in Saudi Arabia.

The Western City of Median was quite lucky it seems because the accident could have been worse. The passengers and parties involved have to wait and watch as to what exactly led to this fault. Boeing 767 made an emergency landing in Saudi Arabia and families await with held breath to determine what placed their loved ones in danger.

By Sunando Basu

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  1. BDHicks   March 6, 2014 at 7:09 pm

    The image shows a Boeing 777, not a 767.

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