Bruno Mars Not Worried About Halftime Show Pressure

Bruno MarsThe clock is ticking down for Bruno Mars, but he’s reportedly not worried about the pressure of the infamous Super Bowl halftime show. He looked almost at ease during his pre-show press conference, which in the past has been full of tricks and minor details of the event.

Mars sat back and smiled as he told people they would have to wait to see what he had in store for them. He wants the “world to watch,” but is unwilling to give away the tiniest bit of detail. It is just two days away, after all. Not long to wait now. He did say there would be no trapeze, and hinted that it would be similar to one of his concerts. Hopefully that will be enough for those who usually tune in for the glitz, glamour and special effects.

The one thing that is clear is Mars and Red Hot Chili Peppers will be on stage together. It won’t be the first time that two different genres have mixed, but it will still be interesting. Critics have claimed that the decision to have the two acts on stage together is an aim to entice the younger and older crowds to tune in to this year’s halftime show.

During his press conference, Mars made it clear that he wasn’t worried about the pressure of the halftime show. Despite having just two albums, he has done enough tours to get used to the pressure of performing. Maybe it helps that the rock legend Peppers will be on the stage with him.

While joking about the effects and stunts, Mars explained that he will be there on stage with instruments and band. That is all he needs to put on a show. He also made it clear the weather wouldn’t stop him, and joked about having “three gallons of hairspray” in his hairdo to keep it standing during his performance.

The press conference also introduced the woman who will be singing the national anthem this year. Renee Fleming has been described as Opera’s Peyton Manning by Brian McCarthy, a spokesperson for the NFL. However, this will be the biggest audience Fleming has performed in front of. Maybe it should be her people are worried about buckling under pressure. However, she has performed at the inauguration of President Obama and the 2008 Olympics.

She has definitely been practicing to avoid mistakes, like Christina Aguilera did a few years back. Fleming explained that she’s practiced singing it 800 times just in the last three weeks. She seems to be worried about the bets that have been placed, which includes the length of the song. At least she will have the New Jersey Symphony behind her, along with the best singer from the four choirs of the military.

The Lazy singer will be up on stage in the same way he is for his shows, and will have the Peppers there for some support. However, Mars is adamant that he is not worried about the halftime show pressure, and he will hopefully deliver a spectacular performance.

Editorial by Alexandria Ingham


USA Today

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