Dead Rising 3 Books, Blueprints, and Level Up Fast [Video]

Dead Rising III Books, Blueprints, and Level Up Fast

The book locations in Dead Rising 3 are essential to increase your attributes, and once you have leveled up fast, finding blueprints should be a breeze. When you find books, just note that you can only carry one book at a time; however, once you have leveled up to 50, books will be carried automatically.

Locations – all Dead Rising 3 books listed are grouped by chapter completion and in the same area so that you’re not constantly double-backing on locations:

Eater’s World and Four Wheel Fun are located in South Almuda; Eater’s World is in the western safe house, and Four Wheel Fun is in the eastern safe house.

Fortune Fighter and Undead Solutions are located in Sunset Hills; Fortune Fighter is found in Illegal’s Hideout (You must complete Chapter 3), and Undead Solutions is found in the Northwest Safe House.

Lone Blade and Stunt Devil are located in Ingleton; Lone Blade is found in the northern safe house (You must finish side mission Signs of Safety first), and Stunt Devil is found in the southern safe house.

Thrifty Trader is located in Central City in the southeast safe house.

As the book locations are found, you will find side missions that could give a fast level up, or you may stumble upon some blueprints which abounds in Dead Rising 3.

Blueprints – the listed blueprints are also grouped by location and/or chapter completion:


Death Mask Reaper is found in Shank’s store on top of a display case.

Fire Reaper is found in the Gun Store.

Flame Mecha Dragon is found inside a house (northwest).

Grim Reaper is found in a shed behind Rhonda’s Garage.

Mecha Dragon is found in the courtyard of the Zen Dragon Temple.

Mecha Dragon Blade is found on a shed next to an entrance of a sewer (east).

Ultimate Grim Reaper is found in an empty lot in Lee Amies Estates.

Ultimate Mecha Dragon is found in the building right across the street from Rhonda’s Garage.

Central City

Big Bomb is found on a ledge atop Felicia’s Clothing Store.

Bigger Bomb is found inside Cleroux Art Gallery.

Huge Bomb is found right in between Link’d Office and Albert’s Apparel.

Shockdozer is found at the emergency room entrance within the SE Central City Hospital.

Tactical RC is found on the rooftop of a coffee shop next to the Burgess Hotel.

Tactical RC Bomber is on a rooftop of a liquor store.

Tactical RC Gunner is found atop a truck parked next to the LPPD building.

Tactical UAV is found in the Museum of the Americas (north within the museum).

South Almuda

Electric Staff is found behind warehouses within a gated courtyard.

Electric Shout is found on a roof of a garage (south).

Electrofire Staff is found within the power plant area (northeast).

Electroice Staff is found in the Los Perdidos Fire Department in the second floor office.

Elemental Staff is found on the rooftop of the Almuda Cold Storage Building.

Ultimate Shout is found on a roof of Autobody Shop.

Sunset Hills

Boom Bear is found on a tennis court next to a mansion.

Cuddly Bear is found on a roof of a toy store.

Decoy Bear is found on a roof overlooking a tennis court.

Freedom Bear is found on the roof near the Severed Ties store.

Grizzly Bear is found behind a high school.

Provoked Bear is found in the house next to the Mayor’s Den.

Pushy Bear is found in an art studio (northeast).

Volatile Bear is found atop a house right between a tennis court and Illegals Hideaway.

Chapter One completion rewards a blueprint of the RollerHawg and Turret Rig.

Chapter Two completion rewards a Junk Car.

Chapter Four completion rewards a Forkwork vehicle.

Once Level 50 is achieved, you will be permitted to purchase the Mobile Locker. In Dead rising 3, much achievement is centered on the attributes that the books afford as well as the blueprints, which also allows players to level up fast by way of homemade weapons.

Get up to level 50 now.


Blueprint Locations


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