Bruno Mars Ready for New Jersey

Bruno Mars

Everyone gets the jitters before coming on stage, but Bruno Mars seems ready as he prepares to perform this Sunday in New Jersey. It all comes down to this, the moment every football fan has been waiting for since last year, Super Bowl XLVIII. Not only is every one eager to find out who will take home the prize, they are equally curious to see what the halftime performance has in store for them.

The countdown begins as the final match to be played this Sunday at MetLife Stadium gets closer. The final will be played between the Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks, who are both respective champions of their conference. Although it is easy to see why everyone is hyped about the event, the match itself is not the only trending topic fans are talking about. In September 2013, it was revealed that the halftime performer for the Super Bowl was none other than Bruno Mars. Mars has garnered critical acclaim for his music and is revered for his charisma, but there were still a few puzzled faces when it was revealed that the mantle to perform at the Super Bowl had been handed down to Bruno Mars. Despite his popularity, there were those who felt Mars was not ready to handle such a responsibility. Mars still feels confident and believes he is ready to handle the challenge ahead.

Perhaps all the criticism isn’t just for naught. Bruno Mars will succeed artists such as Beyonce and Madonna who performed at previous Super Bowls. Mars, however, lacks the experience all the other artists had, which many believe to be the key element for success. Mars has never performed in front of such a large audience and so this will be the biggest performance of his career. Due to that very uncertainty, it is unclear whether Mars will set the stage on fire or will his performance fade into the deafening roar of the stadium. One thing is certain, however; Mars has managed to keep his cool and has not let the pressure get the best of him. According to him, every stage is the same regardless of the event and as such, assures us that he will make the most of his opportunity.

It would not be incorrect to assume that Mars has developed a large fan following over the years. He is an icon and a heartthrob for millions across the world. Though he might have his fair share of critics, he still has fans that would be rooting for him all the way. Being well known throughout means that Mars simply needs to prove the naysayers wrong, as the crowd will already be at his side.

Can he do it?  What will happen?  How will it go?  These are questions that need not be answered at the moment. What is confirmed is the fact that regardless of his performance, this will be a career-defining moment for Mars. The stakes might be high but again it should be noted that Mars still has found a way to calm his nerves. He knows it and he wants to the world to know it. Bruno Mars is ready!

By Hammad Ali

Source: USAToday

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