California Family Found Dead in Suspected Murder-Suicide

A 16-year-old teen finds his family killed in what police believe to be a murder-suicideA 16-year-old boy finds his mother, her husband and his two siblings dead in their California home in what police believe to be a murder-suicide. He was unable to reach his mother all day and was worried that something was wrong. He entered the house to find several rooms covered in blood and all four family members dead.

Fontana police have concluded that it was most likely a murder-suicide because the woman and children suffered several gunshot wounds and the husband, 38-year-old Ramon Miranda, had only one shot to the head. Miranda apparently shot his 34-year-old wife, Silvia, their 12-year-old son, Ramon Jr., and 10-year-old daughter Rayna before turning the gun on himself.

Fontana police spokeswoman, Martha Guzman-Hurtado, said all of their findings so far point to a murder-suicide, but they are still questioning other people before finalizing that conclusion. Investigators found a gun inside the home and currently are not looking for any suspects.

A 22-year-old neighbor, Jonathan Garcia, who lives across the street, said on Monday night about 8:30 as he was watching television he heard someone yell, “Get down, get down.” Garcia said it sounded like the police so he peered through the window and saw law enforcement in SWAT gear with submachine guns drawn.

Garcia said he went outside and saw law enforcement rushing towards the house when he heard the 16-year-old screaming to the officers that this was his mother. A woman was also outside crying and screaming in Spanish, “They’re all dead; he killed them all, they’re all dead!”

Garcia said the family had only lived there for about three years but he didn’t really know them. The neighborhood where the shooting occurred is a modest one lined with single-story homes.

Fontana is a city of about 200,000 people in California’s San Bernardino County; which is about 50 miles east of downtown Los Angeles.

According to Guzman-Hurtado the deceased bodies were spread all across the home. She also said there was no record of domestic dispute calls to the residence, although police did visit the property for an unspecified matter in 2010.

Guzman-Hurtado said, “It’s a sad day in Fontana. This is one of those days, as we say goodbye to 2013 and welcome the New Year, where we’re all supposed to be celebrating with family, making new memories with family. It’s not a day to be mourning lives lost.”

Many of the residents of San Bernardino County said they moved there because it was a safe, suburban area to raise a family or retire. One resident, 48-year-old Antonio Elliott, said he moved there from Compton 14 years ago. He raised his four children there because he wanted to give them a chance. He wanted them to be free from the peer pressure of all the gangs in Compton.

Even though Elliott knows that the deaths were an isolated incident and not necessary a reflection of the community it was still very disturbing. He said all of the police cars and news vehicles made him feel like he wanted to move farther into the country.

As coroners removed the bodies from the home, another neighbor, Amy Harris said she immediately began reciting the Lord’s Prayer. She said in times like these God is their only hope. Harris said her twin sons often played with the slain children and one of her sons attended an after school program with the daughter.

A 16-year-old boy found his mother and her husband along with his two siblings dead in her California home. Fontana police believe the husband shot his wife and children for unknown reasons and have concluded that it was most likely a murder suicide.

By: Cherese Jackson (Virginia)

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