‘Call of Duty: Ghosts’ Easter Eggs and Secrets Guide

Call of Duty Ghosts definitive easter eggs and secrets guide

With Call of Duty: Ghosts having made its debut on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC and the Wii U on Nov. 5, 2013 – and with PS4 and Xbox One editions having shortly followed – Call of Duty fans have had plenty of time to play the game and hunt down the developer’s subtle easter eggs and secrets.

Ghosts was the tenth iteration of the much-loved military franchise. The campaign played out through the eyes of one primary protagonist, Logan Walker. Enlisting with a United States Special Operations force, called the Ghosts, the clandestine unit attempts to subdue the maniacal pursuits of Gabriel Rorke – a former Ghosts operative who switched allegiances to the Federation.

Surprisingly, Ghosts offers a reasonably decent number of easter eggs and secrets. Here, we take a look at some of the single-player and multiplayer easter eggs and secrets associated with the game, ranging from secret money drops, Platoon and Saving Private Ryan references and gnome location guides.

‘Saving Private Ryan’ Reference

The Saving Private Ryan easter egg/reference can be observed while playing the “All or Nothing” mission from the main single-player campaign. After using the Osprey, and jumping across to a platform aboard a carrier vessel, a short slow-motion segment presents itself; during this period, the player observes a cluster of enemy units preparing to execute an ally, called Private Ryan.

During the sequence, the player must kill all enemy units and “save” Private Ryan, in line with the Steven Spielberg movie.

Teddy Bear Easter Eggs

On the multiplayer map, “Flooded,” a teddy bear easter egg can be located near the center of the map, close to the water. Along the stretch of water is a partially submerged bus, which the player can walk along. Adjacent the bus, a broken drainpipe juts from the surface of the makeshift stream.

Jump into the water and quickly ascend the drainpipe. Remaining in the water for too long will, eventually, result in death; therefore, speed is of the essence. After making it to safety, follow the pipe upwards and you will eventually stumble across a bedraggled teddy bear, lodged between the pipe and the wall.

The next teddy bear can be found on the multiplayer map “Sovereign,” which can be spotted through the window of an enclosed office space. The bear can be seen on top of a desk, wearing a hard hat and clutching a coffee cup.

A pair of teddy bears is also located in a cardboard box on “Overlord.” The easter egg is, somewhat, tricky to locate, as the box is partially closed and difficult to peer into. However, aiming through the lid of the box, at the correct angle, will reveal the location of two teddy bears sharing drinks.

Next up, is a teddy bear location that is impossible to reach, in-game. Therefore, the location can only be accessed through spectator mode. On the Siege map, travel to the large pit in the middle of the battlefield and scour around for an enormous, suspended pipe. Enter through either end of the pipe and, there inside, you will find half a teddy bear nailed to the interior.

Extinction Alien Easter Egg

On the Extinction map, the player can spawn spurious alien dolls from slain enemies. To do so, the player must travel to the “GIL’S LODGE MOTEL” sign and fire at certain letters, in a specific sequence, to spell out the acronym LOL. This option is only available when the letters are illuminated, and it can sometimes take multiple attempts to achieve.

However, once the letters have been shot in the correct order, LOL will appear in vibrant colors along the top of the screen. For several minutes, from this point onward, all extraterrestrial enemies that are killed will emit bunches of golden alien dolls.

‘Legend of Zelda’ and ‘Doctor Who’ Trophies

The Zelda and Doctor Who trophies can be discovered in the campaign missions “Federation Day” and “Struck Down.” During Federation Day, when inside the building with Hesh and Keegan in toe, the trophies are found scattered throughout the office complex within the skyscraper.

However, a clearer view of the trophies is available during Struck Down. At the level’s midway mark, the player employs gas to help take down a patrol of enemies in a partly flooded garage. Climbing through into one of the offices, the player will stumble across a shattered trophy cabinet. Inside the cabinet is an award in the shape of a Rupee – a gem found in The Legend of Zelda series. The scripture along the award proclaims:

“Awarded For: Most Bushes Cut And Pots Smashed.”

In addition, there is a Doctor Who trophy, shaped like the T.A.R.D.I.S. – the enigmatic Doctor’s illustrious spacecraft, with the exterior styled in the form of a police box. The engraving on the trophy reads:

“Awarded For: Largest Interior With The Smallest Exterior 2021.”

Finally, one last easter egg trophy can be seen on the right hand side of the cabinet, making reference to the failed prophetic musings of the Myan civilization, which declared that the world would come to an abrupt end in December of 2012. The trophy is inscribed with the following:

“Given For: World Not Ending 2012”

Extinction Money Drop Secret

Players can deploy money drops to fellow players, while playing Extinction. The secret is straightforward, in execution; simply pressing jump, and continuing to hold the button down for a few seconds, will result in the appearance of a box at the player’s feet. A money icon will appear on the screen to show potential recipients where the money drop has been deposited.

However, for this secret to function, the player must already possess several thousands of dollars, otherwise they will fail to meet the required drop amount ($1,000 minimum). The money can be retaken by the player who dropped it, in the event that they have had a momentary lapse in judgment.

Buzz-Saw Wielding ‘Angry Monkey’ Easter Egg

When playing the Prison Break multiplayer map, situated close to the Federation spawn point, an angry monkey can be found within the canopy of trees, relatively close to where the waterfall is located.

Secret Gnome Locations

In the multiplayer map “Warhawk,” a series of gnomes are strategically dotted across the map in various locations. All in all, a total of 13 gnomes have been discovered, many of which are located in hard to reach places and, therefore, must be viewed in spectator mode.

The locations of each gnome is provided by YouTube uploader Rejectivez. The traditional garden ornaments are found atop water towers and buildings and amidst dumpsters, cars and trash piles, to name a select few locations.

M.C. Hammer Easter Egg

Next up is a rather unprecedented easter egg, focusing on M.C. Hammer’s well-known “U Can’t Touch This” song. Of course, the most famous lyrics from the song included “Stop, hammer time.”

When investigating the “Freight” map, and moving along a wall of shipping containers, there is a hidden location that contains a teddy bear and – what might initially seem like – three randomly placed objects. The player must, once again, enter spectator mode to gain entry to the hidden area.

From left to right, a series of objects are cleverly arranged to pay homage to M.C. Hammer. The first object is a “stop” sign; the second is a “hammer”; the third is a clock, displaying the “time.” Taken together, it appears that Infinity Ward is making a subtle reference to the famous rapper’s hit record.

Alien Pet Trick/Easter Egg

On the Extinction multiplayer map, scour the area for searchable containers and trash bags. Look through each container, in turn, until a Hypno Knife materializes. Pick up the knife and throw it towards an enemy alien.

If performed correctly, the alien should then become enveloped in a bright blue outline, indicating it has become a hypnotized ally. The alien ally will then help fight off waves of enemies, and provide an effective distraction. Unfortunately, however, the allied alien does not endure for very long, and inflicts relatively little damage against its foes.

Eminem ‘Survivor’ Easter Egg

As many Call of Duty fans will realize, Eminem produced a track for Ghosts, called “Survivor.” Featuring Liz Rodrigues, the track was premiered during a multiplayer trailer that was released in the run-up to the game’s launch.

It comes as little surprise, therefore, that Infinity Ward decided to use the “Survivor” track as part of one of their easter eggs. During Extinction, the player sees the GIL’S LODGE MOTEL. Some have conjectured that this could be a reference to Slim Shady’s previous place of employment, which was a family restaurant – Gilbert’s Lodge – located at St. Clair Shores in Michigan.

In addition, an instrumental version of “Survivor” also plays through a radio during the “Federation Day” mission of the campaign, as the player ventures through the office complex.

‘Platoon’ Reference

It has been noted that the father in Ghosts‘ campaign, Elias Walker, bears a striking resemblance to Sergeant Elias from Oliver Stone’s classic 1986 war film, Platoon.

Meanwhile, some have noted similarities between Platoon character Sergeant Barnes and Rourke, primarily based upon the prominent facial scars and distinctive dew rags that each sports.

By James Fenner

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