Captain & Tennille Divorcing Reasons Remain Vague


Captain & Tennille are divorcing, and the reasons remain vague. The music duo best known for their hit song Love Will Keep Us Together, married in 1975. Cathryn Antoinette (Toni) Tennille and Daryl Dragon boast five gold or platinum certified albums. Their hits Muskrat Love, Do That to me one More Time, and Love will Keep Us Together, all became fast US mainstays on record charts.

The couple made music easily recalled with fondness by anyone who was around during the 1970s. The timeless quality of Love Will Keep Us Together is always appropriate for a wedding. Muskrat Love reminds fans of beach walks or sitting in the backyard on a summer’s evening with your first love, comes to mind. The song was, so touching fans did not mind that Suzy and Sam were rats.

The couple retired from So. California and Lake Tahoe to Prescott in 2008. Records indicate Toni filed for divorce in Yavapai Superior Court, Jan. 16. The reasons for Captain & Tennille divorcing remain vague.“Broken Marriage” and “No reasonable prospect of reconciliation” are the reasons cited for divorcing on the filing petition.

TMZ reports speaking with Dragon whom they say is “surprised” by the filing. Dragon says they still live together and appears to be out of the loop on what is happening.

The music team performed not only musically, but worked to increase visibility and tourism in Prescott by touting the city as “a good place to live and work. Collaborating, they produced  Live+Work+Play providing narration for a video aimed at increasing Prescott tourism.  The video received an Emmy nomination in 2011.

Like a few other music families the couple who enjoyed a great deal of success throughout the 1970s and 80s Captain & Tennille hosted their own television show.

The couple gave fans a sense that they would stay together, because of love. There has to be a great deal of great communication, and true friendship friendship to work in the studio and go home together.

It is always sad to hear that there is no chance of working things out when a couple exudes the energy of Captain & Tennille. Fans are not likely to find out much about what caused Toni to file for some time. Based on Dragon’s comments reported by TMZ, Toni appears to be keeping things under wraps for the time being.

Their website also announced the break with a veil of vagueness. It reads an attorney “is involved.” The subtle announcement has a unquote for love, “All couples evolve.”

There is truth in the statement evolving is a part of everything. Success in living out passion is that much greater when done with when people love being around one each other. The duo lived a life full of passion by placing music into the world and sharing it with others. Captain & Tennille did it gracefully while touching millions of music lovers in the process. Captain & Tennille divorcing comes as a surprise, and  reasons for the split remain vague.

By C.  Imani Williams


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  1. RRT3148   January 27, 2014 at 6:08 pm

    Thanks for the nice tribute to a couple whose music and personalities had a profoundly positive impact on me in my youth. And we all must give them credit for staying together as long as they have. And for all we know they may stay together on some level. Let’s hope.

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