Cara Delevingne Smoke Rings and Sloppy Kisses

Cara Delevingne Smoke Rings and Sloppy Kisses

British Model Cara Delevingne had a great time with her gal pal Michelle Rodriguez as the two enjoyed blowing smoke rings with their electronic cigarettes and sharing sloppy kisses The two celebrity friends enjoyed an evening of basketball and each other while sitting courtside at a Knicks game on Tuesday.

TMZ reported that the two women appeared to be under the influence while they took “selfies” and carried on during the game. Rodriguez has admitted that she is bisexual and it appeared that she was clearly under the spell of the 21 year-old supermodel, who happens to be gracing the cover of the United Kingdom’s Vogue magazine this month.

Cara and One Direction member Harry Styles were an item last year, but, the model has admitted that she has much in common with her older “playmate.” 35 year-old Michelle was lavishing Delevingne with a lot of affection during the Knicks’ game and they both seemed to be having the time of their lives.

Delevingne relishes her individuality and she points out on her Instagram account that she embraces her “weird side.” Playing by her own rules does not make her weird though. It is apparent that she enjoys breaking “rules” and her choice of celebrity pals seems to indicate that she values those who don’t follow societal paradigms.

So far Cara has been seen hanging with Miley Cyrus and Rihanna; both of whom dare to court controversy with different results. The British model’s public display of affection with Rodriguez at the game got almost as much attention as the battle on court. It has been reported that the other spectators cheered and jeered the two beauties in equal measure as they shared electronic cigarettes, cuddles, kisses and, apparently, alcohol. Rodriguez blew smoke rings and planted a few sloppy kisses on Cara Delevingne oblivious to the game and the crowd’s reaction to their public display of affection.

Rodriguez appears to be stepping in on Rihanna’s territory. The 25 year-old singer was on vacation with Cara and actually was the first gal to take the English model to a basketball game. Evidently Delevingne enjoyed the sport so much that she was definitely up for attending another one. Rodriguez, on the other hand, only had eyes for Cara. The two were in their own little world while the Tuesday game went on around them.

After the game at Madison Square Garden, Fast & Furious star Rodriguez showed off some fancy footwork for the paparazzi outside the sport venue. It has been called a “rampage” by some websites and Michelle’s high kicking grimacing “attack” on the pap’s seemed very energetic for someone who looked half asleep at the basketball game.

Cara Delevingne appeared to be very pleased at all this “special” attention from her newest gal pal Rodriguez. She did take a little time to take a picture with Kellan Lutz, Miley Cyrus’ newest male squeeze. The two did their own impression of the Cyrus tongue wave for Cara’s Instagram account. After the selfie snap, the supermodel went back to Rodriguez with her smoke rings and sloppy kisses. It is not known if the two finished the evening together, but, appearances seem to suggest that they could have.

By Michael Smith


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