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Great White Sharks and the Attack on Leonardo DiCaprio [Video]

Great White SharksLeonardo DiCaprio told Ellen Degeneres on her recent show about how he was involved in a shark attack and is now terrified of Great White Sharks.

During the interview,  DiCaprio and Degeneres were discussing the various movies he has appeared in recently.   Talk then turned to DiCaprio’s involvement in the protection of endangered species and the subject of Great White Sharks reared its toothy head.

In the video below, we can hear DiCaprio telling the tale of how he was stuck inside a cage with a huge Great White Shark back in 2006 and apparently it was a little too close for comfort.  In fact, he could have been eaten by the huge predator.

Great White Sharks
Leonardo DiCaprio in the film “Blood Diamond”

He then told the audience on The Ellen Show that he has a huge fear of sharks, and it’s quite easy to see why.

He explained that while filming the movie Blood Diamond in South Africa in 2006, he did a little scuba diving, looking for sharks.

Just outside Cape Town in South Africa, it is possible to dive in a shark cage to see the big predators, quite literally, face to face. This is what DiCaprio the daredevil decided to do.

In the process, he literally got stuck in the cage with one of the Great White Sharks, which he said “was awesome.”

Explaining how this actually happened, he said that when the guys threw “chum” into the water to attract the shark, the tuna got stuck on to the top of the cage.  The shark then leaped up and tried to bite at the chum, ending up in the cage with DiCaprio, with half its body inside the cage, and half outside.

DeGeneres asked Leonardo DiCaprio how on earth he managed to survive the attack by the Great White Shark, to which he laughed and replied that he didn’t actually know.  He went on to explain that the shark experts from Shark Diving Unlimited said that in 30 years, this had never happened before.  DiCaprio said that “It was absolutely terrifying” and that while he was flattened at the bottom of the cage, “it chomped a few times but I survived it.”

Apparently the group that offer the shark cage tours is dedicated to protecting sharks, and they had invited DiCaprio on the expedition due to his interests in protecting endangered species.  While DiCaprio was happy to accept the invitation, he says he won’t be repeating the experience.

He explained that while he doesn’t want to discount their work in any way, because they are doing great things, he just doesn’t want to do that kind of thing anymore.  It was just too terrifying.

It turns out that the organization offering the shark cage diving, Shark Diving Unlimited, has a photo of DiCaprio with their group on their website in the “Wall of Fame”.  It seems he is in good company as Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Prince Harry, various Middle Eastern Royalty and Anderson Cooper, among others, have also taken part in the activity.

Possibly, Leonardo DiCaprio is better off making an attack as a wolf on Wall Street, than joining the ranks of the Great White Sharks.

By Anne Sewell



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