Catlateral Damage Has You Behaving like a Jerk Cat [Video]

 Catlateral Damage, emphasis on the cat

Is your cat a jerk? Do you know a cat that is a jerk? Do you wish you could be that jerky cat? Your dreams have come true! A game is being made in which you play the role of a cat that knocks stuff around, that is really the goal; knock stuff on the floor. The title explains it all, Catlateral Damage. The concept sounds wacky enough that it needs to be viewed, which is why a video has been provided below.

Catlateral Damage allows the player to take the role of a cat (first-person) and have your way with your owners room. You are given two minutes and an ordinary room. The game is still in the very early stages but can still be played online (link at the bottom). This alpha version is the foundation for what is to come. The full version is said to include more levels and objects to smack around as well as “Time Attack and Cat Ops.” It will launch via Stream Greenlight later this year.

Right now the game is still very rough but still quite fun. Holding your paw straight in front of you and destroying a collection of movies is pretty silly and fun. Currently the game is set to a two-minute timer. A score system and point multiplayer are also in place, adding a little depth for those that want to keep playing. It can be downloaded on Windows, Mac, and even Linux if you don’t want to use the website.

The game is made by Chris Chung, QA tester that based the room in the game off of his own room. Hopefully the full version of the game will expand on the scenario of the game. It would be really fun if you could sneak your way around the house and find time extensions to allow you to destroy the whole house. Besides higher jumping you could also make your way into tight spots to hide when the owner gets home. A cooperative mode could allow for two to enjoy the fun but if that doesn’t happen you could just as well turn this into a two player experience by having one player use the mouse to smack stuff around and the other player control movement with the keyboard. The concept has a lot of fun potential in it and can surely become a wacky game many would want to play around with.

Catlateral Damage is wacky enough that a lot of people will want to give it a try. It isn’t crazy inventive, but it is crazy fun. It is a simple concept that oddly enough hasn’t been toyed with very much yet. Considering how crazy the world has become about cats it was only a matter of time before we had a first-person cat havoc game. If you have ever wanted to play a game in which you could control a cat and behave like a jerk then why are you still reading this and not playing Catlateral Damage?


By Garrett Jutte

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