CES 2014 Top 5 Tech Trends Include Wearables TVs Car Entertainment Systems

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The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2014 is coming to town. Well, Las Vegas that is and the convention is sure to bring nerds and techie geeks together for a wonderful sneak peek of future products. The tech trends to look for include wearable technology to massive UHD TVs. It seems techies are calling the CES 2014 a hit or miss, depending on the flourish provided by the manufacturers. In this brief review, there are top 5 tech trends to look for as the event comes to start. Each of these selected trends have a slew of additional manufacturers that will be following in similar fashion.

1. The Recording Watch

CES 2014 Top 5 Tech Trends Include Wearables TVs Car Entertainment Systems

iWatch has been rumored (again) to make an appearance. With the lukewarm reception of the Samsung Galaxy Gear, this would be a good time for Apple to roll-out the red carpet for their much anticipated iWatch device. One manufacturer that will be making an appearance is Kapture. The company will be displaying their wearable audio recorder. This is a big leap for the company and is definitely on the hit or miss list. The Kapture appears as a futuristic watch, but it has no screen. Instead it has an external interface for voice notes and instant recording needs.  The device is constantly in active stage and records automatically the last 60 seconds of audio. While some may scoff at the seemingly simple technology, its impact can be seen as powerful.


2. Samsung 110-inch UHD Television

CES 2014 Top 5 Tech Trends Include Wearables TVs Car Entertainment Systems

The CES has typically focused around televisions and it looks like 2014 will not be an exception. A TV manufacturer has to be on the top 5 tech trends to look for. LG and Samsung is thrilled to promote their Ultra HD, 4K TVs which are over 100-inches in size. Rumors suggest the televisions may be equipped with advanced, smart technology. This may include finger gestures to swipe through channels and pause live television, including specs to widen or minimize the picture size. Since Samsung’s 85-inch model was priced around $45,000, experts state the 110-inch television can rack up over $50,000. In addition, it is rumored YouTube will be showing 4K resolution streaming capabilities on the technology and will be promoting their newest video codec VP9.

3. Google and Audi In-Car Entertainment

CES 2014 Top 5 Tech Trends Include Wearables TVs Car Entertainment Systems

One of the hottest rumors is the collaborative work and genius of Google and Audi. Reportedly, the two powerhouses may be coming together to develop an in-car entertainment and information system. Wall Street Journal was the first to report the rumor. In addition, the companies could be tapping chip maker, Nvidia to implement Android technology within vehicles. This would allow drivers to access music, GPS and additional services wirelessly and more importantly – hands free. Bluetooth technology will be upstaged as the ecosystems for in-car entertainment systems receive a total make-over with capacitive touchscreens. This could steal the show if the rumor comes to fruition.


4. Oculus VR 2.0

CES 2014 Top 5 Tech Trends Include Wearables TVs Car Entertainment Systems

The updated VR headset is headed to the CES 2014. The previous model, admitted CTO John Carmack, was a work in progress. The new headset has eliminated that ugly side effect of making users nauseous during use. Higher resolution, lower latency and even a positional motion tracking feature has been added to the Oculus VR 2.0. These tweaks to the impressive technology allows users to lean into items while the tracking system is aware of head positioning. Exciting stuff.



5.  Windows Nokia Lumia 929

CES 2014 Top 5 Tech Trends Include Wearables TVs Car Entertainment Systems

There is a strong rumor going around the Nokia Lumia 929 may be revealed at CES 2014. Rumors suggest it will be Verizon completing the unveiling. What is the Lumia 929? The phone is also dubbed as Icon. This is huge news for Verizon, as it would be their first phablet Windows 8 device. The phone reportedly features a 5-inch screen with a stunning 1080P display with advanced features: 2GB of RAM and 32GB of memory storage running on the Snapdragon 800 processor with the camera technology that comes with Nokia phones. It would sport a 20MP PureView rear camera. This flagship phone for Verizon may be called Icon, instead of its legendary number labeling.


CES 2014 Predictions

In under two days, Las Vegas will see a plethora of techies converge upon the city. This list is minor compared to the dozens of items to be introduced. The top 5 tech trends touch on those considered more interesting. Keep in mind, companies like T-Mobile will also be making announcements during the CES 2014 event.  With an extensive list of devices such as wearable technology, over 100-inch 4K UHD TVs and in car entertainment systems – thousands are looking forward to the event. Have predictions or expectations of the event? Share in the comments.


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