International CES Sets Trends for Future

International CES

The International CES (Consumer Electronics Show) is set to start next week in Las Vegas, Nevada. The giant technology trade show will set the trends for the future of technology in 2014. The CES mixes some of the technology industry’s biggest players with new and small innovative start-ups.

What’s consistent with the International CES is that year-after-year the big corporations will show off their latest and greatest new toys and attention-grabbing prototypes. Some or most of the prototypes will never even make it to the retail shelf or showroom floor. Then there are the new start-ups. They will fill their booths with a wide variety of innovative and not so innovative new products and accessories. Sometimes those innovative products and ideas catch-on and they’re able to set the trend for what is the new standard in the future.

At CES 2014 expect to see a lot of wearable electronic gadgets for necks, waistbands, faces, and wrists. A couple of the big stand-outs this year will be Samsung Group with their Galaxy Gear smartwatch and Google with their Google Glass. These two products will likely be pushed harder than ever at the CES as the Samsung smartwatch and Google Glass haven’t exactly been accepted with open public arms quite just yet.

Another couple of wearable electronic devices are fitness and health tech gadgets. Some of the fitness technology will keep track of a person’s calories, workout stats, and walking, running, or biking information. The tracking device will then synch data with a person’s smartphone. The health related devices will track a person’s vital signs and even allow doctors to monitor their patients from great distances. Some of the wearable technology crosses the borders and includes benefits from both health and fitness in a new type of hybrid.

Some think that the wearable technology market has not catered to women properly in past. Generally wearable technology is often considered to be clunky looking and often found to be slightly more obtrusive in appearance. This may have been recognized in 2014 as a new portion of the International CES will be dedicated to “Mommy Tech.”

The same technology contained in wearable devices like sensor and wireless technology, also are contained in many home automation technologies. Home automation is nothing new, but what is new is teaching electronic devices to synch to each other and exchange data. It’s hard to guess if home automation will ever be really popular, but it will save someone money when they can turn off their TV or dim the lights at home in New York, when they are in Tokyo.

Some of the bigger corporations in home automation are expected to juggle for larger market shares and try to be the new standard for industry supremacy. Other smaller companies like SmartThings see more opportunity in getting devices from multiple vendors and systems to speak to each other.

Another Internatonal CES dominant staple will always be televisions. Sharp, Sony, Samsung and LG will all be competing with 4K TV’s that are bigger and better and even more thin and curved than ever before. To help out with increasing benefits of 4K, a new streaming format VP9 will be demonstrated at CES.

TV trends this year are also expected to include many OLED screens and innovative TV operating systems, some that include hand gestures as a method to control the TV. Of course Internet compatibility and connectivity will dominate the new TV displays as well.

Car technology will include ways to combine a vehicle with a person’s smartphone. In past the technology put into cars seemed a bit behind the times but this year the International CES will profile some new more modern and innovative technologies. The wall in this industry has been the fight for dominance in the car industry between Apple Inc.’s devices and mainly Google’s Android devices. The biggest new innovation in the car industry is automated driving as major car companies and Google have been working on automated-driving features.

Gaming is not expected to be too big at this year’s CES. Major new console releases have already occurred before the holiday season, but mobile gaming will likely make its presence known at the show. Especially with smartphone and tablet gaming accessories and sensors. Valve’s SteamOS is expected to steal the gaming part of the CES with their virtual reality headset.

This year the International CES runs from January 7-10, 2014 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The show will always continue to showcase what’s new and innovative in an attempt to set the future trends in electronics for the coming year.

By Brent Matsalla

Atlanta Blackstar

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