Charlie Sheen Takes on Ashton Kutcher With Series of Twitter Insults


Charlie Sheen is showing his bad boy side again, and this time its Ashton Kutcher getting pulled into the vortex of his Twitter battle drama.

The 48-year-old Sheen has once again taken the opportunity to use Twitter to attack 35-year-old Kutcher who replaced Sheen on the hit CBS series Two and a Half Men. The latest drama started on Sunday when Sheen tweeted a compliment to his former co-star on the show, Jon Cryer, and then took a stab at Kutcher calling him Cryer’s “lame side-kick.” The tweet also included the hashtag #NiceTryCanonBoy, a second apparent dig at Kutcher, though he is actually an advertising  front man for the Nikon camera company, not Canon.

The next day, Sheen issued a sort-of-but-not-really apology to Kutcher by starting with “Sorry, bro” but then following up with “quit barfing on my old brilliant show.” He added one more tweet, and more fuel to the fire, when he offered a Twitter apology to Cryer for the insult to Kutcher but then again followed up with an insult saying “I meant REALLY lame,” aimed at his younger replacement.

Kutcher has apparently gotten over his previous outrage at Cryer. At the time of his pending replacement on Two and a Half Men, he referred to his former co-star as both a “traitor” and a “troll.”

Sheen’s latest remarks toward Kutcher are leading many fans of Two and a Half Men to speculate that he just isn’t yet past the hurt of being replaced. Sheen, television’s highest paid actor at the time, was let go after an epic public dispute with the show’s creator, Chuck Lorre, and the CBS network and amid outrageous behavior attributed to his reported heavy drug and alcohol use. During his battle with Lorre he referred to him as both a “little maggot” and a “clown.”

Sheen even filed a suit for wrongful termination that was eventually settled against Lorre and Warner Bros.

His character was killed off at the start of the show’s ninth season in the fall of 2011 when Kutcher joined the cast as the show’s new star.

This isn’t the first time that Sheen has gone after Kutcher. In an interview with TMZ in February, 2012 Kutcher reportedly said “I’m tired of pretending that Ashton doesn’t suck.” He followed up that apparent attack with a weak online apology.

It also isn’t the first time he’s taken to communicating with former co-workers via Twitter. In November, 2013, Sheen tweeted an apology to Chuck Lorre and said that he would like the opportunity to make amends with the Two and a Half Men creator.

Sheen has reportedly even indicated that he would consider returning to the show, although the hate-filled, intense manner in which he left the show, along with the fact that his character has been killed off may make that difficult for the star.

Kutcher has not yet responded to any of Sheen’s insults.

Sheen is now starring in the comedy show Anger Management on FX. Two and a Half Men is in its 11th season on CBS. The hit has seen a decline in ratings since Kutcher’s replacement of Sheen.

By Michele Wessel


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