Climate Change: A Moral, Political or Scientific Issue? [Video]

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Climate change is happening as the world lives and breathes.  The planet Earth is constantly undergoing changes in weather patterns, erosion, shifting of land and shores, despite the powers that be, who are trying to stop the process.  Life is unpredictable as much as the rain that falls, the snow that blows and the arid winds of the desert.  It cannot be stopped by moral charades, political agendas or scientific theories.  Climate change is happening, right now in the present state of humankind and is a power that cannot be reckoned with.

Extreme temperatures around the world and natural disasters have taken their toll on human life.  From the beginning of time, floods and droughts have consumed civilizations and cultures.  People and animals seem to adapt over time to the climate change at amazing paces, but still questions remain as to who is responsible?

Moral obligations of recycling and reducing the carbon footprint from everyday life are forefront, as political agendas promote safety and hazard control on natural resources and restoration.  The scientific facts are in concerning the evolution of the Earth’s core, mantel and crust and only point to the stars for more research.

Man-made products are useful in technology and promote a connectivity within the world at a moments notice, if only temporary yet fulfilling.  The Internet, Skype and worldwide travel is just a given anymore with the advances of societies around the globe.

It still comes down to basics when mining coal and fossil fuels are needed to live and be comfortable.  The give and take of the world within the global community does not go unscathed.  Things happen, oil spills occur, headlines report deaths from tornadoes, earthquakes and tsunamis.  The earth is constantly in motion with the tide of the moon drawing in seas and oceans to the barren plains of droughts that lack water for a time.

Just watching this video can put things in perspective.  Reason or not the facts remain, the Earth has a number of years to use up.  Time is growing slimmer as humans continue to defeat the ultimate quest of the planet.  It cannot be stopped, through technological or scientific means.

Morality, political enactments or scientific theories will not stop the pattern of the world.  Sandy beaches with sunshine are for a time of pleasure, not yet changed.  Climate control is out of the question in the long run, as much as people want to intervene.  Their good intentions will not prevent the inevitable series of natural consequences and contributing factors along the way.  Climate change is going to happen, within this lifetime, or soon beyond the limited mind set of the current world.

As Niagara Falls keeps churning and falling into the realms of the unforgiving, chasms of the earth, the gaping hole out west, known as the Grand Canyon, embraces the simple flora and fauna around the orange and yellow desert.  City lights continues to spin around the world with echoes of winnings, wishes and want-to-be’s.  Nature supersedes all actions of congress, church and scientific findings.  The moon will rise and the sun will set, as dolphins play in the warm waters of the sea and polar bears bask in the twilight of the frozen patches beneath the sun.

Environment, wildlife and natural resources all are part of the climate change equation, with or without our moral, political or scientific views.  The world will change on its own and do just fine in its own timing.  It is a small world as they say, and we keep changing the climate of attitudes as we embark to enjoy a peaceful world within global, climate and social change.  The perspective beyond our control is an inspiring and welcome change of thought.  World without end, Amen.  Climate change will happen, whether we are able or not to accept it.  Are you ready to accept the truth?  It is going to happen anyway.


Editorial By: Roanne H. FitzGibbon


Wall Street Journal  

Press Enterprise   



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