Snapchat Is Famous for Being Famous Even After Hacking Drama

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Snapchat is allegedly revealing data accounts to the hackers and whistle-blowers. The luscious details about one’s “sexting” or posted sensual images are becoming someone else’s fantasy very easily. This new born social butterfly has become an instant darling since its birth. It has always boasted of giving users an alternative personal and secure platform. Snapchat became the Paris Hilton of social networks; totally famous for being famous. Many people used it either to have some “me time” with a partner or getting naughty via Snapchat. The secrets are reportedly revealed now. It is no better than other social biggies like Facebook or Instagram.

Since its birth, Snapchat had outlined Instagram and Pinterest, the other image sharing giants. Snapchat gives its users an opportunity to share photos and videos; the images and videos are erased once they’re seen. In no time, Snapchat gained popularity among “sexters” and people sharing sexually explicit messages. Now, they are feeling terribly unsafe. Snapchat does not provide extra security with service. So, the personal data can, reportedly, easily be hacked and seen by sneak peek. Is Snapchat really playing peekaboo with its users?

According to the reports, in September, Snapchat users sent up to 350 million photos a day – up from 200 million in June – along with personal texts. The company franchise spontaneously hired new brains and has moved to a large, custom-designed office in Venice Beach, Calif. Snapchat is lately a lavishly rich, promoted company on the sect of social networking. It has become truly famous, even if only famous for being famous. This photo sharing medium has given hard times to other newbies like WeChat, Line, Vine etc. Snapchat  recently added $50 million in venture capital profit, giving WeChat a hard time.

The intellects and researchers have always criticized Snapchat. They pointed fingers at the false sense of security. They spoke up against the app and its opportunity to share R-rated contents. Still, none cared much. Even Skype was losing users constantly at that time. Snapchat does collect information about its users in a database, similar to data storage at other social networks.

The maze around Snapchat is getting lighter now. The mist of secret fades gradually. The concept of images getting deleted after being seen gave it instant fame and popularity. The Paris Hilton of social media is now revealed, reportedly hacked and unmasked.

One of the researchers revealed that they can see the data of users from the servers and that data is not even “hashed” to make it difficult for hackers. Snapchat is very much in danger of facilitating cyber crime and blackmail.

On Jan. 2, Snapchat acknowledged the data leakage for the first time. They called it “a malicious hack.” Then, for the first time, people woke up from their Snapchat hangover.

In a statement, the company noted, “On New Year’s Eve, an attacker released a database of detected phone numbers and usernames. No other information, including Snaps, video was leaked or accessed in these attacks,” in a blog post.

Since the latest news, Snapchat has reportedly updated their version to save the information of account holders. They are still slated to keep everything a secret, even if the drama of “open secret” continues to allure hackers. Snapchat asks the users to use it regularly alleviating all fears.

Still, nothing saves Snapchat from being under scrutiny. Both the hackers and users are taking it under microscope to see if rumors are true. So, even if Snapchat has become infamously notorious in every sense, the network is still famous for being famous. New Years Eve was just a bad patch for Snapchat and possibly delayed Christmas for Skype, WeChat or Instagram. Facebook seems a bit more hopeful about Wickr once again.

Written by Jayeeta Shamsul


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