Colin Jost Named Co-Anchor of Saturday Night Live’s Weekly Update


Colin Jost was named the co-anchor on Saturday Night Live‘s Weekly Update. Lorne Michaels, producer of Saturday Night Live, announced Thursday that Jost will join Cecile Strong as the co-anchor of the news sketch, Weekly Update. The news sketch currently features Cecily Strong and Seth Meyers; Jost will take Meyer’s place beginning on Mar. 1. The actor joined the cast of SNL at age 22 in 2005 and was named the head writer for the show in 2012; he shared this job with Rob Klein and Meyers.

Meyers’s  last Weekly Update will be on Feb. 24; he will then take Jimmy Fallon’s place on Late Night. Jimmy Fallon will then take Jay Leno’s place on The Tonight Show, which will premiere on Feb. 17. Before Jost makes his anchorman debut, here are some facts about the funnyman. In high school, Jost was on the Speech and Debate team at Regis High School in Manhattan and has sung in Fiddler on the Roof  in Staten Island. He has written and acted in the movie, Staten Island Summer, which was based on his job as a lifeguard; this movie starred Kate Walsh, Ashley Greene, Jim Gaffigan, Gina Gershon and current Saturday Nigh Live cast member, Bobby Moynhani. The movie was directed by Rhys Thomas, a current producer for Saturday Night Live and will be released in 2014. He also has a goal on the sketch show, which is to include every name of all the public high schools in the borough where he grew up.

Jost also has his own news column in The New Yorker called Shouts and Murmurs, where he pokes fun at voice mail messages people leave while they are away. This isn’t the first time Jost has been on television or performed comedy. In 2012, he did a stand-up routine on Late Night; he has also performed on Comedy Central in John Oliver’s New York Stand-Up Show in 2012. Aside from his television debuts, he has performed in various comedy clubs such as Comic Strip and Splitters. He also performed at the Just For Laughs Comedy Festival in Chicago and Montreal. He has been nominated for seven Emmy awards, won three WGA awards and won the Peabody award in 2009.

Jost isn’t the first Saturday Night Live writer to move to the anchor chair. Weekly Update has been hosted by Tina Fey from 2000 to 2005, and then Seth Meyers from 2006 to now. Fallon, who is being replaced by Seth Meyers, was a co-anchor in the past for the news comedy sketch. Jost has been on two sketches on the show and is currently dating Rashida Jones who he met at Meyer’s wedding last September.

The Saturday Night Live writer, Colin Jost studied the History and Literature of Russia and Britain at Harvard and was  the president of Harvard Lampoon while at the school. He graduated from Harvard before he started at Saturday Night Live in 2005. Jost, the recently named co-anchor has a long background, which will help him when he co-anchors Weekly Update with Cecily Strong in the beginning of March.

By Jordan Bonte


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