Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Plan a Summer Wedding in Paris


Kim Kardashian tells Jimmy Kimmel that she and fiancé Kanye West are planning their summer wedding in Paris. She claims that they are looking at different venues to have the ceremony but will not release any further information about their wedding plans. She tells Kimmel that they love Paris and it is like a second home to them. The couple even has an apartment in Paris.

When asked who is more passionate about the wedding, Kardashian stated that West is very passionate about the wedding and planning it. Kimmel sarcastically replied “I believe that 100 percent, yeah, I do believe that.” Kardashian says that West is very much in to the planning of the wedding as she is. When asked if they share the responsibilities of planning the wedding she claims they share the responsibility equally but they have different roles. She goes on to say that she is taking care of the seating chart while West will take care of the music. The 33-year-old star claims that by the two of them taking different roles in planning the wedding, it reduces the stress.

Kimmel jokes with Kardashian asking if West would be rapping the vows. Kardashian laughed it off and says “I don’t think so, I will ask him.” Kimmel goes on to ask if Kardashian will be taking her fiancé’s last name, in which she announced that she will be. She says she will be moving her last name to her middle name so her married name will read Kim Kardashian West.

Kardashian told Kimmel that she and West are residing with her mother momentarily while their house is being worked on.  While they are waiting to move in her mother, Kris Jenner, is helping with North. This past New Years, West and Kardashian shared a condo in Paris with Jenner. West suggested that they leave their daughter here in the U.S. so they could have some alone time. Kardashian admitted that her sister Khloe was the best babysitter while her brother Rob was the worst.

It took West nine years to finally propose to Miss Kardashian. Kardashian was vacationing in Australia with Paris Hilton in 2006 when West took a liking to her. Since 2006, Kardashian and West have had their fair share of relationships. Every time Kardashian would be single, West would miss his chance to say how he felt towards her. Finally West built up his nerve to tell her how he felt after her marriage to Kris Humphries crumbled.

Kardashian claimed they were just friends in the beginning but that blossomed in to a romance that would last a life time. It wasn’t until March of 2012 when they showed the public how much time they were spending together. A month later they were seen holding hands while in New York City.

This marriage will be a third for Kardashian, but a first for West. She mentioned in Kimmel’s interview that they will not release where and when the wedding will be. She said the only thing she will tell the public right now is that their wedding will probably be this summer in Paris.

By: Anjulina MaComber




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