Corvette z06 Sneak Peek Before Detroit

Corvette in Detroit

The word is out in Detroit.  Just ahead of the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS), pictures have been leaked that give us a sneak peek at the 2015 Chevrolet Corvette z06. The corvette was scheduled to debut for the press on Monday in Detroit, along with a new-look F150 pickup from the Ford Motor Company, and the 2oo midsize sedan from Chrystler expected to be crucial to their plans for the future. Many manufacturers are rolling out new versions of popular vehicles, including Hyundai, Honda, and Lexus, but after seeing the pictures, many are certain that this edgy beast of a vehicle will be the star attraction.

Car enthusiasts have been sending a big thanks to the guys over at  Jalopnik for the leak of these picture gems. Although the sneak peek of the z06 Corvette hint at what to expect, the details of what is really going to be under the hood remain guesswork based on the many rumors buzzing around.Chevy has been very tight-lipped about their new 2015 model but a few of the specs that have been guessed at before have been, while not confirmed, at least supported.

Corvette z06 Sneak Peek Before DetroitThe pictures display the Corvette in yellow, which is the official color for Corvette racing, and indications sneaking out of Detroit are that the new z06 will be ready to burn rubber with an expected 620 horse power with 650 lb-ft of torque pushed out by a supercharged 7.0 litre V8. This would represent a significant increase over the factory Stingray and, if the torque numbers turn out to be accurate, would move the z06 in front of the ZR1.

It looks like this car will be right at home seeing checkered flags being waved rather than all cooped-up in the comfort of someone’s garage. Integrated into the fenders, the front splitter is more than just cosmetic, it ought to optimize air flow over the tires to increase downforce and hold onto a track. The sizable air intakes for cooling suggest larger brakes to go with the larger tires. With the carbon fiber design elements, including a huge rear spoiler, the new z06 has the look of a track-ready monster.

There are still plenty of secrets to be revealed on Monday at the Auto Show, the details of expected pricing and available options will be just a couple of the questions the thousands invading the Cobo Center for the show. Sales are up, and representatives of the NAIAS are expecting it to be a bigger and brighter year. They may be correct, with it being reported that manufactures plan to display hundreds of vehicles, including over 50 new vehicles. The mayor of Detroit is excited, with even the Vice President, Joe Biden, possibly attending. Traffic considerations around a vice-presidential motorcade aside, the increased visibility ought to raise the profile of the event. With enticements of all types, from the new vehicles down to the food and drinks, the show will draw crowds. The relatively inexpensive ticket prices, ranging from $7-$13, will make the event approachable even in a depressed local economy. This year could be more exciting for auto enthusiasts than years before. Judging from the sneak peek afforded in the leaked images, Chevy clearly plans on stealing the show in Detroit with the Corvette z06.

by Justin Huffman


USA Today

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