Detroit Auto Show 2014 Must See Vehicles

 Detroit Auto Show

The 2014 North American International Auto Show kicks off in Detroit, Michigan on January 13-16. This year’s show promises some exiting new models and designs from domestic and foreign car manufacturers with quite a few must-see vehicles.

It is expected that the Detroit Auto Show will see more than 50 new models introduced during this year’s show. The show’s 2014 organizers expect at least 5,000 journalists to attend the event during the press days.

Detroit-based Ford Motors is expected to steal the spotlight during this year’s show when Ford unveils the new version of the F-150 pickup. The F-150 is known for being the best-selling vehicles in the U.S. and it has just undergone a major weight shedding to lighten-up the curb weight and allow the truck to get better gas mileage. The new F-150 has shed some previous iron and replaced it with the much lighter aluminum.

General Motors will be at the show promoting their new GMC Canyon. The Canyon is one of two smaller pickups that the company is trying to currently promote. GM will also be bringing their 620 hp Chevrolet Corvette Z06. The impressive piece of high-performance technology is still reasonably priced in the $70,000 range compared with some of the foreign equivalents.

Chrysler has been known to rebound financially from the success of their Ram pickups and Jeep SUVs. However this year the company is expected to unveil and promote the newly revamped Chrysler 200 to try to grab more of the mid-size car market from their rivals.

The 2014 Detroit Auto Show wouldn’t be complete without the auto manufacturers from Japan. The Japanese must-see vehicles this year include the Honda Fit. The sub-compact has been resigned to deal with a few of the model’s former deficiencies and a brand new power train. The new Fit gets better gas mileage and is much quieter on the road than the Honda Fit of the past.

Nissan will be at the show to unveil their concept for their new Maxima. Although it is unlikely to hit the showroom floor in the same configuration as the concept car, it just may hint at some changes that may be coming to Maxima’s next generation.

Toyota is expected to unveil another new sporty car model in an attempt to show the consumers that their products are a lot of fun to drive. Another peppier model of the small WRX sports/rally car is also expected from the manufacturer Subaru.

The luxury car best-seller in the U.S. last year was Mercedes. The European auto maker is at the show to unveil their new C-Class entry level luxury car.

Second place to Mercedes for top selling luxury car in the U.S. is another European manufacturer, BMW. The company will be there to show off their small sport coupé known as the 2 Series.

German manufacturer Volkswagen will unveil a concept version of a Beetle-based Dune Buggy. The new Dune Buggy is said to have the high-mileage of a Passat but with the higher-performance of the VW Golf R.

Porsche will attend the Detroit Auto show to roll out and promote their latest 911 Targa sports car. The diesel version of the newly redesigned Cayenne SUV will also expect to steal some spotlight. The concept model of Volvo’s XC 90 larger-size SUV will be a must-see at the Detroit show.

Korean manufacturers Hyundai and Kia will be there promoting their new and future models. Hyundai will unveil a newer version of their Genesis luxury car and Kia will be there with the concept of their new sporty GT4 Stinger. The GT4 Stinger is expected to make it into production soon. The 325 hp concept car has been referred to as a “low wedge.”

Who will actually steal the spotlight at the 2014 Detroit Auto Show will remain to be seen. However the wide variety of must-see vehicles will appeal to a wide variety of tastes and this may prove that there are still enough spotlights to be shared by all.

By Brent Matsalla

Fox News Detroit

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