Downton Abbey Creator Says Show Won’t Last Forever

Downton Abbey Creator Says Show Won't Last Forever

The creator of Downton Abbey has gone on record to say that the show won’t last forever.  Rumors began circulating last month that the popular PBS series would end after its fifth season and were quickly denied.  However, creator Julian Fellowes is now suggesting that the show may be coming to an end.

Fellowes has recently been commissioned to pen a new American series titled The Gilded Age.  He claims that he will be unable to begin work on the new series until Downton Abbey finishes because he can’t do both projects at once.

Fellowes went on to assure Downton Abbey fans that there will be a fifth season, however he says that he is not so sure about a season six.  Referring to a popular long-running US television series, he says that it won’t become a Perry Mason.  He added that if the Crawleys had been a real family that they would still be running Downton to this day.  He went on to speculate that The Crawleys, being savvy businessmen, would possibly turn the estate into a tourist attraction and would live somewhere in a back wing.

There is also reports that many of the show’s stars may be ready to leave the small screen and try their luck in Hollywood.  One source has said that the lead characters have spent five years on Downton Abbey and are more than ready to take other opportunities that come their way.  Elizabeth McGovern, who plays Lady Cora, and Hugh Bonneville, who plays Lord Grantham, have reportedly been approached with new roles.  Another concern is that the stars will require too much in terms of salary should the series continue past 2015.

Downton Abbey may not last forever, says it creator, but for the meantime it’s in full swing.  Season four began last evening with many changes in the house.  The show picks up six months after the sudden and heartbreaking death of Lady Mary’s husband, Matthew Crawley.  There is a somber feel to the opening sequence.  Not only is Lady Mary grieving for her lost love but last season also saw the painful death of her youngest sister, Lady Sybil.  Referring to her young son George as a little orphan, Lady Mary is withdrawn and resists her family’s comfort.  Luckily, she is able to find a kinship in Tom Branson, Lady Sybil’s widower, who encourages her to try to move on.

Another absence noted last night was the sudden departure of the scheming O’Brien, Lady Cora’s lady’s maid, who left Downton for a new employer in India.

Lest you think the entire episode was all about Lady Mary, one particularly interesting plot involved Lady Edith and her ongoing involvement with newspaper editor, Michael Gregson.  Gregson wishes to move to Germany in order to become a German citizen so that he can divorce is poor, crazy wife and marry Lady Edith.

Downton Abbey’s creator Julian Fellowes says that the show cannot and will not last forever.  But before it truly does end there are sure to be many more fabulous moments to be had at Downton.

By Mary Kay Love


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