Kesha Seeks Help for Eating Disorder Caused by Industry


Pop Star Kesha seeks help for her eating disorder caused by the scrutiny of the musical industry. She has checked into rehab for the next month just days after the release of her new song Timber, featuring Pitbull. Musically the 26 year old has been doing exceedingly well. However, she has now expressed a need to focus on regaining her health.

She has placed the blame upon her own music producer, Dr. Luke, for calling her fat. During one of her music shoots, he referred to the star as a “refrigerator” and Kesha reportedly took the comment very critically, as to be expected. She is now in rehab in order to get help battling her disorder.

She stated that although she preaches to her fans about loving yourself and accepting who you are, she has found this hard to practice and stick to as a moral for her own life. She made a statement saying that she wants to learn to love herself again, exactly as she is, and hopes that rehab is the first step towards doing so.

The news has shocked many people, and her fans have been continuously expressing their support via the internet, in hope that the pop sensation gets better soon. She will remain in rehab for the next thirty days in Timberline Knolls Treatment Center near Chicago.

Kesha is not the only star in the music industry to struggle with her body image. Celebrities like Demi Lovato, Nicole Sherzinger, Lady Gaga, Geri Halliwell, Kelly Clarkson, and Ashlee Simpson have all revealed that they have battled with eating disorders during their careers, and that it is not something which goes away easily. As Kesha seeks help for her eating disorder caused by the celebrity industry, her family and friends remain optimistic that she will overcome her demons and restore her health.

When working within the music industry, the microscope comes down hard upon image. One could even say that image has become even more important than the music itself, with stars like Miley Cyrus drawing more attention to herself because of her image transformation than her actual talent. Stars these days are worrying less about their instruments and more about the way they look. One result ending in an abnormal attitude towards food, that causes celebrities like Kesha to alter their eating habits and behavior.

A person with an eating disorder may focus excessively on their weight and shape, leading them to make unhealthy choices about food with damaging results to their health. The three most common types of eating disorders are anorexia nervosa (someone who tries to keep their weight as low as possible) bulimia (someone who tries to control their weight) and binge eating (when someone feels compelled to overeat).

Kesha seeks help for her eating disorder allegedly caused by the music industry, and hopes her time in rehab will help reshape her attitude towards her body image. With her new song release landing at number 2 in the Billboard Top 100 chart, her fans wish her the best of luck with her recovery and look forward to her return.

Op-Ed by Melissa McDonald

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