Duck Dynasty to Release Their Own Gun Line [Video]

Duck DynastyIf you thought Duck Dynasty could not become more polarizing, think again. Weeks after the show drew fire for remarks Phil Robertson made against homosexuality, the Robertson family has its finger on another hot button issue in America. Guns. The stars of the A&E show and longtime duck call makers will release their own line of specially designed guns.

The Robertson’s company, the family owned Duck Commander will join forces with Mossberg, a famous fire arms manufacturer, to release their own line sometime in the near future. The line will include nine specially designed shotguns, two semi automatic weapons and one Duck Commander pistol. Reports have confirmed that Mossberg has already started shipping the guns to distributors.

If merely putting their name into the gun control debate were not enough, the family has also released a couple of promotional videos for their line and as you could assume they do not hold anything back.

The videos show the Robertson family, through a black and white camera lens, wading through swamp land, decked out in camouflage and of course carrying multiple fire arms. Then Phil Robertson’s voice drifts in as though he were the last gladiator on earth. You have to at least give them points for the dramatic.

“We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal,” the most publicly visible member of the family, Phil Robertson says in one of the commercials. “And they’ve been endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights. Those are rights no government can take from you: to live, be free and pursue happiness,” Robertson continues in a clearly pro gun rights salute.

Maybe Robertson and the family could have escaped this business deal with only a modicum of media back lash. After all he is only quoting the Constitution. But what Robertson said next is sure to stir up some anger from not only anti-gun lobbyists but also from animal rights groups.

“You know what makes me happy ladies and gentlemen? To blow a mallard drake’s head smooth off,” Robertson continued.

Robertson had been suspended by A&E for comments he made against homosexuality back in December. Now that the suspension has been lifted and the whole family is back to work with A&E this new set of media talking points may prove to be the next chapter in Duck Dynasty’s foray into everyday headline grabbing news.

Although A&E did suspend Robertson for his comments they quickly lifted it after only nine days. The family however played muted about the suspension being lifted opting to rather talk only about the upcoming episodes of the show.

The new Duck Commander firearms will come in a “waterfowl pattern” with a full camouflage design. The logo of the Robertson family owned Duck commander will also be shown on the side of the fire arm. That logo is a duck in flight.

One of the rifles and the pistol will mirror a military design. The rifles are planned to hold high capacity rounds. All of the guns will also come with a bandanna designed with the US flag like the one that Willie wears in the show.

If you were ready for Duck Dynasty to disappear from the headlines or were hoping this close family could get back to their simple ways, think again as Duck Dynasty readies the release of their own gun line.

By Nick Manai


ABC News


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  1. Andy   January 4, 2014 at 4:35 pm

    “We hold these truths to be self evident…” Declaration of Independence. Good thing our reporters know that. Why else would they list the Constitution as the source document?

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