Elizabeth Vargas Shares Alcoholic Secret Stands Strong


Elizabeth Vargas ABC News Journalist shares her secret on being an alcoholic and stands strong. It isn’t easy to come with grips about a drinking problem. It is even harder for those with the illness to utter the words, “alcoholic.” Doing so is what makes Vargas stand out.

She admitted to having a problem after entering a 28-day Rehab program, dishing it, and then heading back in to complete the task.

She thanks her husband and peers who helped her through the process that she worked really hard at keeping under wraps.

Someone is always watching. For Vargas the someone was her son. I would have my glass of wine at night and my son would call it Mommy Juice. Vargas admits to laughing in denial. After all her secret would still be safe, he was just a baby.

With every drug there is a wake up call something that happens , that jars a person into making a decision to end the madness of secrecy and lying to the person in the mirror. It is a fight or flight moment. Elizabeth Vargas makes shares a secret comes clean and stands strong comes clean herself and others who care about her by admitting she has a drinking problem.

For Vargas the moment came not when she recalled laughing about her son calling her out, but when she couldn’t pull things together enough to handle an interview. The drinking was affecting her job.

Checking in to rehab may seem like it isn’t such a big deal when stories surface daily about who it is that is going in this time. For Vargas it was a big deal, major in fact.

She went in and one day decided she could handle things on her own, at home. Like other addictions alcohol is a beast if it is the drug of choice. One doesn’t need particularly good news to have a drink, and if the news is bad, then pour another glass.

Look again and the bottle is empty. Vargas shared how she made deals with herself downplaying the role wine was playing in her life. ‘She says that she would tell herself she was only going to have two glasses, or only drink at on certain days.

These tactics cans can work if a person isn’t really a big drinker. Those that have an issue with alcohol find it harder to keep promises that are made in dark. It causes thirst. Vargas has found support through AA meetings. She can go attend meetings anytime the urge hits to take a sip. This avoids the pesky and self-defeating habit of carrying bottles in a purse that is supposed to contain other things like lipstick and keys.

Making the decision to come clean about her quiet time issues actually gives the 51-year-old a pass. Not to drink, but to gain respect for her decision to share. It also holds the bearer of news, accountable to themselves.

In the end everyone is responsible for their own actions. She made the decision to go live with her comments. Elizabeth Vargas shares secrets and stands strong. Quitting something that feels good hurts for while, but then a scab forms and the healing begins. Yes. Elizabeth. Way to go.

By C. Imani Williams

Detroit Free Press

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  1. Bradford   January 25, 2014 at 12:52 pm

    Good for her… but come on…. proof read your story before posting!! There are so many mistakes in the story that at one point I wasn’t sure what you were trying to say.

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