Evolve: Co-Op Shooter From Left 4 Dead Developers

Evolve co-op shooter from Left 4 Dead developers

A recent reveal has shown that the Left 4 Dead developers, Turtle Rock Studios, are currently working on completing an entirely new multiplayer, co-operative game – Evolve. The California-based developer studio originally created Left 4 Dead using Valve Corporation’s proprietary Source engine, which was released back in 2008. Turtle Rock have also worked on Left 4 Dead 2, Counter-Stroke: Condition Zero and a host of maps for Counter Strike: Source.

Evolve is reported to be an exclusive to next-generation platforms and will, likely, be released on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. Evolve is a science-fiction, first-person shooter co-op that was originally unearthed in late 2012, during the bankruptcy filing of THQ – the game’s former publisher, which obtained the rights to publication in 2011. After paying $10.8 million for the IP rights, 2K Games have assumed publishing duties, and Evolve’s release date is now anticipated for 2014.

In 2011, Eurogamer reported that the game would be powered using Crytek’s CryEngine 3 engine. The news was confirmed by THQ – prior to the company’s liquidation – in a recruitment advertisement and ensuing Twitter post. CryEngine 3 has already been used for a variety of video games, including Crysis 3, MechWarrior Online, State of Decay and Warface.

Evolve to feature four-player co op team and player controlled alien
Evolve is set to feature a four-player co-op team and player controlled enemy alien.

According to Gameinformer, the multiplayer shooter will task a four-player squad of extraterrestrial hunters with taking down a large, monstrous creature, controlled by another player. Evolve follows some of the same basic co-op principals as Left 4 Dead, with a slight twist; rather than banding together with three friends to escape hordes of zombies, this time round, players must unite to hunt down an alien that becomes increasingly powerful as the match rolls on.

For the pack of hunters, the game will be in a first-person perspective. Meanwhile, the gamer controlling the alien will observe their actions in third-person mode; according to Studio Head Chris Ashton, this will allow the player to witness the alien’s unique movements and will also provide a greater sense of environmental awareness.

During an interview with Gameinformer, Ashton explained that the experience was similar to Left 4 Dead‘s team-based setup. He went on to explain the pitfalls of not functioning as a cohesive unit:

“This team is super co-op orientated to the point where, when they work together really well, they’re incredibly powerful. But, when they don’t, they suffer I think to a larger degree.”

Each team character offers unique items and equipment. Likewise, Turtle Rock have also developed multiple monster types, each with their own special abilities and means of moving through the environment.

NeoGAF managed to get their hands on the latest issue of Gameinformer’s magazine, which presented a preview of the game. According to the site, a few scant details were revealed about the various classes. As expected, Evolve will feature a total of four classes of character, including assault, medic, support and trapper. The assault member will possess a personal shield; support will have the capacity to boost other players; the medic can revive and heal fellow combatants; trappers can implement a “mobile area,” used to lure the alien. All players sport a jetpack, along with a tranquilizer gun that dispenses stun damage.

Meanwhile, the alien has the opportunity to evolve by consuming the map’s abundant fauna and flora. This process provides the creature with enhanced powers and, once fully evolved, enables additional objectives to be carried out.

The Goliath is the basic alien character, beginning its life with few weak powers; this includes the ability to punch humans and scale walls. However, with each “level up,” the creature gains two new skills. For example, fire-breathing and rock-hurling are just a couple of the abilities that become available to the Goliath.

Taking place on the planet Shear, the other residents of the eclectic environment also represent a source of danger. Sloths will only attack when disturbed, while carnivorous plants will attempt to consume hunters that venture too close.

Evolve is also set to include a story mode, which will require players to complete a variety of set objectives. The Left 4 Dead developer’s game is set to release alongside a number of top-tier games this fall, including Destiny, a new Halo game and a slew of additional titles.

By James Fenner



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