Woman Sexually Assaulted by LAPD Before Falling from Moving Car [video]

Kim Nguyen Sues LAPDAllegedly the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) sexually assaulted a 27-year-old woman and released her from a moving squad car. A horrifying surveillance video shows Kim Nguyen’s half-naked body tumbling from the police car onto the street. Nguyen’s injuries were so bad that she didn’t regain consciousness until she emerged from a six-day medically induced coma.

Nguyen says she was waiting for a cab with two male friends about 2:00 a.m last March when her nightmare began. She and her friends had been inside of a Los Angeles restaurant drinking before going outside to hail a cab.

To Nguyen’s surprise a squad car pulled up and immediately handcuffed her saying she was being arrested for public intoxication. They threw her in the back seat of the vehicle and pulled off leaving her friends behind.

Nguyen reported that one of the officers got into the back seat with her and began fondling her chest. She said the officer then yanked her head around by her ears before he began grabbing her inner left thigh. Nguyen said she assumed he was trying to open her legs.

As Nguyen struggled to escape the officer’s actions suddenly the door behind her flung open and she was ejected from the moving squad car. She suffered a bleeding brain concussion, badly broken jaw and soft tissue injuries all over her small-framed body.

Arnoldo Casillas, Nguyen’s attorney, said his client was in the hospital for two weeks with her jaw wired closed. Every one of her teeth were shattered when she hit the ground and had to be removed. Casillas said his client is suing for criminal negligence.

Around 3:00 a.m. the woman was caught by a security camera as she was ejected from the moving car as it passed through a downtown intersection. Immediately after the car passed out of the camera’s view, the camera panned back and zoomed in on Nguyen’s body laying in the street.

Casillas obtained the surveillance tape of the incident which shows the police car approaching Grand Avenue from Olympic Boulevard. The officers allegedly reported that they had just accelerated from a stop when they heard the door open but the video shows the car going through a green light before Nguyen was ejected.

The horrifying footage shows Nguyen lying in the street, still handcuffed, with her clothes bunched around her waist. She was exposed, bloodied and bruised.

Nguyen has been forced to undergo several surgeries to repair her jaw along with extensive cosmetic and dental work. She suffers from severe headaches and pain while the two arresting officers are still reportedly working in the field.

Nguyen told the city’s attorney that one of the officers pulled her shirt down around her waist but says she can’t recall which officer allegedly assaulted her.

People have been told by law enforcement not to drive if they have been drinking. Nguyen thought she was obeying the law and making a responsible choice by waiting for a cab. Perhaps the officers thought she would be too intoxicated to know what was going on.

Whether the officers ejected Nguyen’s exposed body from the moving car, failed to properly lock her door or secure her with a seat belt there’s no excuse for this young woman to have been ejected from a moving police car.

It’s against departmental policies for LAPD officials to comment on pending litigations but Sally Madera, LAPD Officer, said that detainees are usually seat belted in the back of patrol cars. Madera said there are times when factors such as a person’s weight or behavior may prevent seatbelt use. She also said that whether or not rear doors can be opened from the inside of a patrol car depends on the model and the year of the car.

Kim Nguyen is suing the LAPD alleging she was sexually assaulted before her body was released from the moving squad car. A horrifying surveillance video shows the victim’s half-naked body tumbling from the police car into the street.



By: Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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