Fairview Mother Accused of Attempted Murder Suicide


A Fairview mother who is accused of an attempted murder-suicide has had criminal charges filed against her by police on Friday, January 24. According to York County police, the 36-year-old woman, whose name is Candis S. Bradshaw, ┬áhas been charged with with multiple offenses. She has been charged with aggravated assault, criminal attempted homicide, simple assault and threatening the well-being of a child. The mother is accused of slashing her two-year-old son’s neck then turning the knife on herself in an attempted murder suicide.

The incident occurred on January 17 when police responded to a call from Bradshaw’s babysitter who found her. When the babysitter arrived at Bradshaw’s home at 8:20 A.M. she noticed Bradshaw standing at the top of the stairs holding her two-year-old son; the mother’s shirt was covered with blood. The babysitter immediately ran to Bradshaw’s aid when the mother said she would be going away for awhile.

Bradshaw’s husband Price came home from work and noticed the lesions on his son’s neck. The Fairview police arrived on the scene at 8:37 A.M. and saw Bradshaw lying in bed wearing a blood-soaked shirt with a stab wound under her left breast. She then admitted to police she tried to kill herself. Blood stains were found on the son’s blanket, pillow and stuffed animals. Police also recovered a bloody 12- inch butcher’s knife which they suspect is the weapon used in the murder suicide attempt. While an emergency medical technician was treating Bradshaw’s wounds, she admitted to making a bad decision and her husband will never forgive her.

Bradshaw, a Fairview mother accused of attempted murder suicide and her son were air-lifted by Life Lion helicopter to the Hershey Medical Center; the son survived his injuries and was released last weekend. Bradshaw also survived and was sent to the Philhaven mental and behavioral health facility in Lebanon. The Fairview mother was indicted Friday morning before Magisterial District Judge Scott Gross and Bradshaw’s bail is set to $200,000.

Bradshaw’s husband stated she suffered from postpartum depression and anxiety after giving birth to their two-year-old son. According to the American Psychological Association, postpartum depression is a long period of emotional disturbance following the birth of a child. Postpartum depression, or PPD can have significant consequences for both the mother and child. Recent statistics from the APA reveals about nine to 16 percent of women with postpartum will also experience PPD. A mother experiencing PPD has an increased risk of anxiety, guilt, cognitive impairment, fear and self-blame. Also PPD can cause a mother to lose pleasure or interest in life, withdrawal from family and friends, sleep disturbance and thoughts of hurting oneself or one’s child. PPD not only affects the mother but also the immediate family. The child of a mother who is suffering from PPD can also become withdrawn, irritable, display insecure attachment, experience problems in social, cognitive, and emotional development; become inconsolable and have a higher risk of anxiety disorders and major depression.

The accused Fairview mother who attempted murder suicide of herself and two-year-old son has admitted she made a bad decision and her husband will never forgive her.

By Bridget Cunningham

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